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Jahangir Alam Akash: The Holocaust was one of the greatest black spot of the world history. Six million Jews were killed by the Hitler Government of Germany. Nobel Prize winner Günter Grass wrote a new poem called “What must be said.”
It creates positive and negative storm throughout the world. The German author wrote about a big problem. That means he is not against Israel. But he has taken up the important issue that may break the world peace or may be making World War III, if Israel and Iran will attack each other. Truth can never be a threat.
Israel-Iran, Iran-Israel, Nobel Prize winner Günter Grass-World = USA! Where is peace and what would be happened in the world if they will not stop doing something against the people? We are not just for Israel, not only for Iran, we are for the whole world and of course we are inside of the world peace and the people.
The world needs a lot of peace and reducing poverty and solving the other problems that are important to have a better world and we need to think about creating a good economy for all countries of the world. To blame each and other will not be bringing any good things for the people.
We just need peace, peace and peace and we just want peace at any cost. So there is nothing to fight each other. The picture taken from the “Aftenposten”. So majority people think that Nobelist Guenter Grass is a symbol of conscience in this world while many other Nobelists are still silent to say something about truth or in favor of the peace.
We don´t need any more silent intellectual in this world. Truth is never be a dangerous thing. It is more important to remove the poverty and to solution the climate change problem than to create a new war in this world. We hope that the world leaders could be understand it! Picture from Aftenposten


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