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Jahangir Alam Akash: I have a favorite colleague Chapal Saha. The age he is much larger than me. We worked together for the first 24 hours News TV channel of Bangladesh. Today (23 September, 2011), he wrote a status on the social media Face Book. According to his writeup as it is, “we have a house. But we are not owned by it. What wonder! Act only for Hindus. Our property is vested. Who broke this black law? ”

In 1965, this black and discriminated law named as “enemy property act” was made. It is a black, discriminated, and extreme inhuman act. This law has deprived to a particular faith of religious people. After the independence of Bangladesh the name of this law had been changed from enemy property act to vested property act. Only for this law, the Hindu family lost their land and houses. But the law still has not been canceled.

We think that there is no mentality or the power or ability to cancel it in Bangladesh. Everyone has their own political interest. Different faith or politics are there, but the interest is same manner. At least from all the gross political parties (of course there are some minor exceptions, left party) influential opportunists grabbed land and houses of the Hindu people. There is an organization in Bangladesh which has branch in Europe and USA. Sometimes the sound of this organization serves to cancel the law. But the sound is biased. So, it is not useful after all. Leadership of that organization is full with political interest and divided by many groups. This picture can be seen in home and abroad.

So, how the justice or equality would come in front of the deprived and oppressed people or how justice will come forward? We do not know it. Maybe you can ask me, I am not an optimist! But I want to tell the truth which I like to say always. I worked and working and would be work to discover or publish the truth. I learned a theme from a Norwegian friend of mine that “Truth is never dangerous.” And it is also my ideology to say the truth.

If Sheikh Hasina and her Grand Alliance government wants to see the equal right for all people then they would cancelled this black law within their first two years. But the government’s two and a half years have already been passed, they didn’t. Now they are too busy to fill their term, and to come in power again. What is the welfare of the people I know it is not any issue of them?
The government of Khaleda-Nizami was tortured openly Begum Motia Chowdhury, Mohammad Nasim, Rashed Khan Menon and many other top leaders on the street. Now time has changed. But the picture is coming back on the eyes of the people as it was before. Government of Hasina has torturing to Joinal Abedin Faruque. Hasina and her intelligence – consultants perhaps do not want to see this picture as any wrong! On the other hand is still in the trial of war criminals. Maybe this is issue is to be hanging for coming election agenda. In fact, they are living of a foolish heaven! They forgot to care of Teeth in time. They are now roaring power.

However, it is the rights time to cancel the vested property act. After the cancelation of this law, the land and houses would be returned back to the original owner of the property and housing would be wise for Hasina government. The people believes that Khaleda never do this job. She and her party is the main shelter of War criminals (Jammat-Shibir). But why Hasina didn’t abolish this law? Is she doesn’t believe in secularism and non-discriminated state-law? Or she is blind on her flatters.

The minority and indigenous people are our friends or important to get votes from them when only the election comes. Just after election everything would be forgot by the politicians. Is possible to establish peace in any society by keeping unfair-discriminatory behavior? Our hope is that Hasina’s government would be taken an effective and truth initiatives to cancel the vested property law for promote the equality, justice and peace in Bangladesh.


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By Jahangir Alam Akash: The overall situation of Bangladesh is like “Justice has been confined by Injust”. Bangladesh Awami League led Grand alliance government wants to continue with “Bismillah” and “state religion as “Islam” in the Constitution. So, broadly there is no different between Awami League and BNP-Jammat regarding communalism. Most of the political parties excluding some leftists party, are using religion in the politics. Though it is very true that state is for all, but religion is an individual matter.

Here I would like to mention a historical truth. That is, Bangladesh has been a secular state since the independence (1971) from Pakistan which was founded by Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Unfortunately, the islamism has been raising in recent Bangladesh. Present government has declared a policy on women. Though policy is not law. In spite of, non secular and religion based political parties led by Mufti Fazlul Haque Aminee are trying to make violance in the country. The people knows that they are always against the freedom of women and empowerment of women.

On the other hand a relative of Prime Minister’s APS Saifuzzaman Shekhor has been grabed a dwelling house of a minority in Magura. After this incident Krishnapod Sarker went to the local police station to make complain against grabing. But the officer in charge of that police station has tortured him and confined him for 24 hours. The victim is an aged person. A freedom Fighter Nirapod Boiragi has been killed by Rapid Action Battalion during this government. Indigenous leader Kalpona Chakma has still missing. She was kidnapped by Army 14 years ago. Two mothers of Sushanto and Sufal are waiting for their loving sons deadbodies who were inhumanly killed by the Islamist terrorists in 2004. An eminent scientist and Professor Emirats Dr. Arun Basak has been harassed by the influentials with the help of local Mayor in Rajshahi.

General Zia and his predecessors introduced persecution against the minorities in Bangladesh. Bangladesh became Islamized under the military regime, rather than being a true parliamentary democracy. Bangladesh was not born with the blessing of being united beyond ethnic and religious differences, but rather has been Islamized, yet with a secular policy.

Why is the repression of minorities and indigenous peoples still going on in Bangladesh? Bangladesh’s Awami League is now in power. They have always gotten the minority and indigenous votes, with some exceptions. And it has been 40 years since Bangladesh became independent. Enemy or vested property is a black law and it’s a gross tool for minority repression. Our demand is that, this black law should be abolished immediately and the ceased property should be returned to real owners or their relatives.

Religious minority oppression is a common phenomenon in Bangladesh. Every day, minority oppression is growing at an alarming rate. Yet our government is not doing its duty to safeguard the minority groups. Why aren’t they doing something to stop minority torture? We don’t know. But we have been seeing that most of the perpetrators are linked with the ruling party. People think that the present government may be turning a blind eye at minority issues. We want to say clearly that the people do not want to see the issue ignored, but rather, that they want to see peace and happiness.

In Bangladesh, the brutal persecution of the Hindu, Christian religious minority and indigenous ethnic minorities is going ahead with full steam. Until now, the persecution that both communities faced never saw the light of justice. A culture of the denial of justice in Bangladesh is the root of all the persecution against the ethnic and religious minorities, which isn’t only affecting a part of the country, but is plaguing the entire criminal justice system in Bangladesh.

Torture of minorities continues as we talk. When will it come to an end, and why doesn’t the government take action against the perpetrators of minority torture? In Bangladesh, every day, there have been cases of murder, attempted murder, torture, and other forms of inhumanity. Is Bangladesh a democratic and civilized country? How can we say that it’s a civilized and democratic country?

In Bangladesh, crimes against humanity have become widespread, especially against minorities. Almost every day, minority people leave for the neighbor country, India. Minority women are constantly afraid for their security. Peace, good governance, rule of law, and democracy are nonexistent in Bangladesh. Perpetrators get impunity from the state. As a result, there is a constant increase in all kinds of criminal activities in our dear Bangladesh. At the same time, sectarianism has increased rapidly. And our religious minorities are suffering.

Majority Muslims are occupying the minorities’ lands, torturing them, and raping their women. It is a common practice. Everything has been happening in front of the eyes of the government. The present ruling party is always telling us that they are nonsectarian. Yet, they are failing to stop minority oppression, and the torture of minorities is still happening in Bangladesh.

We see from the media that ruling party members are taking away land that belongs to minorities. The people of Bangladesh have not forgotten the oppression of minorities that took place after the general election of 2001. It is true that our minority peoples faced grievous trouble under the BNP/Jamaat-E-Islam alliance government that ruled from 2001 to 2006. During that regime, BNP/Jamaat party members were committing murder, rape, and vandalism against minorities.
Bangladesh was born as a nation after nine months of fighting for freedom. With independence, four main components were established for the nation, namely, democracy, nationalism, secularism, and socialism. With an almost good constitution, Bangladesh was beginning to make progress forward. However, the constitution did not recognize our indigenous communities. Even today, indigenous peoples are not recognized by the constitution. The present government has the support of the majority in Bangladesh; if they wanted to reestablish 1972 constitution as it is, it would be no problem for them. But the government has been in power for over two years, and they still haven’t taken any steps in that direction. Though, the High Court has been declared illegall 5th and 7th amendment of the constitution. Now the government wants to reestabilish 1972 Constitution but not excluding the Bismillah from the Constitution and not exclude the state religion Islam.

Under the force of Islamization, the preamble of Bangladesh’s constitution has been amended to include the words “…pledging that the high ideals of absolute trust and faith in the Almighty Allah…”, and, in the process, the word “secularism” has been dropped. The constitution, in fact, begins with the words “Bismillah-ar-rahman-ar-rahim”, which means “In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,” which words come from Islam. In Bangladesh, the completion of Islamization is happening everywhere.

In this situation, we demand that the unconstitutional provision concerning a state religion in the Constitution of Bangladesh be repealed. All activities of discrimination, disparity, arrests, torture, detention, and oppression against religious minorities, as well as all people in general, shall have to be stopped. We don’t want a religious state; we want a secular and democratic state, based on Bengali nationalism in the light of the four fundamental principles of the state that motivated the Bangladesh Liberation War and that constituted the dream of the father of the nation, Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Jammat-E-Islam is a communal party in Bangladesh, which was involved with war criminalities. BNP also has been upholding their non-secular attitude, which has introduced ‘Bismillah’ to our secular constitution. BNP-Jammat torture and kill our minority, it’s a natural, because they are fundamentalists. Though, this government is well known as a minority friendly government, but instead, minority repression is going on unabated. It’s very unfortunate to secular peoples.

The Local Influential boycotted & cut the hair of a Hindu-Dalit woman raped victim, because Muslim perpetrator raped her. Ms. Sabita Rani 25 a raped victim, wanted justice against the rapist, Jewel Kha, and as a result the powerful social leaders cut her hair and boycotted her and her family members. The leaders also threatened her mother and younger brother for dire consequence if she continues to stay at the village Nilam Kharida Sadar Taluk within Kaonia Upazila of Rangpur district in Bangladesh. A college girl Koli Goswami (21) was kidnapped and forceful converted to Islam in Ghosai Chandura, Upazila – Nandail district-Mymensingh on 13th June 2009.

According to the oldest Bengali newspaper the daily Sangbad, Properties belonging to minorities in the Sherpur District were occupied by force by a Juba League leader, while shops were demolished and women injured. A group of hoodlums under the leadership of Hafizur Rahman Hafiz and his elder brother, Azizur Rahman Aziz, the cultural secretary of the Juba League occupied by force 283 square meters of land belonging to a Hindu owner, Surjya Kanta Debnath. In connection with this, allegations were made by the victim’s family that two shops were demolished and that their daughter, Ms. Lipi Debnath, was physically assaulted. Twenty minority families from the Sonagazi-Feni district are on the run because of the continuous kidnapping of women and children and the forceful collection of money. More than 20 minority families located in the villages of Kazir Hat and Keramatia, in the Sonagazi Sub district of Feni, fled due to continuous threats and atrocities perpetrated by local Muslims. They left their homes from fear of life. In another report, daily Star wrote: ‘”Rajshahi board boss faces mayor’s fury.” The Mayor of Rajshahi Khairuzzaman Liton. An influential Muslim threatened Rajshahi Board Chairman Dr. Prodeep, a Hindu, because mayor’s daughter was not able to good grade in the school final examination.

We want justice for all kinds of killings, torture, and human rights violations. Under the present government, numerous incidents of minority torture have taken place, including the sensational kidnapping of nine minorities (including women and children) in the Sutrapur area of Dhaka. A gang of criminals attacked three Hindu families in the Dighalkandi Sahapara village of the Puthia Upazila of Rajshahi on the night of Aug. 31, 2009, injuring 12 people. The attackers belong with BNP-Jammat. A Hindu woman Radha Rani Halder (28) in Shoriotpur was gang raped recently. And three minority peoples were killed during this regime.

The patriotic journalist Manik Saha was killed by a bomb attack in 2004. Another honest journalist, Diponker Chakraborty from Bogura, was killed by terrorists. From Faridpur, the promising journalist Goutam Das was killed. Principal Gopal Krishna Muhury was killed. All Bengali people know about the young minority girl named Purnima who was gang raped in Sirajgonj. And these were all preplanned incidents. No investigations have taken place and justice had never been served against killing of indigenous community leaders, including Alfred Soren and Choles Ritchil.

We know Bangladesh has no actual democracy, rule of law or education. Most of the people are living in very poor conditions. The obvious problem is that, constitutionally, Islam is the only religion of Bangladesh. But in Bangladesh, there live Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists. We have had a secular constitution since our country’s independence. After the killings of Bongobondhu, two generals ruled Bangladesh and made it a monolithic Islamic country.

We hope that the present government will take immediate action against minority and indigenous persecution. And our demand is that all the perpetrators should be brought under justice. Now there is a democratic government. So, what is the problem in stopping minority torture and extrajudicial killings? Let us be united and fight and pressure the present government to stop minority repression and state torture.

We want the legitimate demands of the aboriginal and tribal communities to be fulfilled, including the preservation of their distinct cultures and heritage, and the implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Treaty. Clash and human rights violation are going on in CHT. It should be stopped with justice. We want the return of vested property, with a provision of inheritance, to be implemented. We want the government to resist sectarianism, fundamentalism, and fanaticism and to put a stop to all kinds of religious discrimination, deprivation, atrocities, persecution, and harassment.

The attack on the religious minority brings with it the idea of “Islam in the constitution”. The communal spirit began with political motives and ended in mass destruction such as the attack on present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina back in 2001. The victims of the brutal attack are still looking for justice. At that time also, a bomb attack killed 10 and badly injured 20 others at the Baniarhar Catholic church in Maksudpur, in the Gopalganj district.

In 1998, an indigenous leader, Alfred Soren, was brutally killed by those in power. The day of the attack, the perpetrators looted his house, destroyed his belongings, and set the house on fire. Until now, his family members and the public have never seen the light of justice. Cholesh Richil, an indigenous Christian leader, died in custody on March 18, 2007, following brutal torture at the hands of the army. Richil’s civil rights were grossly violated by government agents. It is puzzling why the government has not yet made a proper investigation to unearth the mystery behind this leader’s death. The perpetrators of this crime should not have impunity. The killing of Richil has not been filed as a criminal case to date.

From 1979 to 1981, the indigenous people of Bangladesh became cornered by landless people from the mainland in the process of their rehabilitation by the government. An ill-fated ten-year-old indigenous child, Klanto Chiham, was killed by brutal teachers after being tortured at Maymansingh. A dacoit, or robber, killed a Christian school teacher, Mangsang, at Madhupur in Tangail. A member of an even smaller minority, Dr. Goni Gomes, a converted Christian from Islam, was killed by Islamic militants.

According to the GHRD, On 17 February 2011, Bengali settlers from the Gulshakhali settler area, Longadu Upazila, Rangamati district in the Chittagong Hill Tracts attacked and set fire to the Jumma villages of Gulshakhali and Rangi Para areas. Around 23 Jumma homes were burnt to ashes. The event occurred shortly after the death of a Bengali settler who went to collect firewood in the forest and did not return. Later his body was found in Rangipara. The Bengali settlers then carried his dead body during the demonstrations, accusing the Jumma of being responsible for his death. They mounted an arson attack burning around 23 Jumma houses and one school to ashes and injuring two Jumma students.

Sources said, Shila Mollik is a NGO worker from Madaripur. In October, 2010 she went to the Madaripur police station to file a case of police negligence regarding the attempted murder of her husband. The then superintendent of police attempted to persuade her to remove her case through means of torture, hitting her with a cane and dragging her by her hair.

In February, 2010 Serafina Mardi, a 14 year old minority girl committed suicide by setting herself on fire. She later died on 17 February of severe burns. Serafina was gang raped by in April 2010. She was initially filed a complaint with the police against the rapists but it was not pursued. The rapists were influential in the local community and the accused men forced her family to agree to an out of court settlement in exchange for money. As part of the settlement, orchestrated through village arbitration, her family forced her to marry one of the rapists. On 10 February 2011, a 22 year-old Jumma woman was raped by two Bengali settlers in Naikhyongchari Upazila district in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Despite the perpetrators being identified, none have been arrested. You canread more and details information on minority and Indigenous persecution in the book “PAIN” (http://www.amazon.de/Pain-Jahangir-Alam-Akash/dp/1456858025).

We urge the enlightened citizens of Bangladesh to be united and to do something for minority rights and security. Please forget politics. As human rights defenders, we should be impartial, universal, and dedicated to human rights not for Hasina, Khaleda or Nizami.

The constitution does not give proper identity to the indigenous peoples. This is Bangladesh! We demand that these persecutions stop right now and that the government give all rights to the minority groups and bring the perpetrators to justice. Without real democracy, rule of law, and good governance, how can anyone have hope that the government will punish the real culprits and masterminds of minority torture and other human rights violations? We are waiting eagerly for the competent trial of all war criminals, for the justice to be served to the killers of the four national leaders. We also want to see the current government reestablish the constitution of 1972 as it is which was got just after independence and stop mixing politics with religion.

Prime Minister, and daughter of Bangabondhu, Sheikh Hasina, please opens your eyes to the minority community. Don’t you see what is happening? One of your APS Mr. Shekhor is using his power to grab the minority lands. He can could done it because he is an APS of the Prime Minister. You have power as the Prime Minister; why don’t you take action against the perpetrators of minority suppression? You still have time to use your power for rule of law, human rights and against all kinds of oppression. Please safeguard our minority peoples and their possessions. Bangladesh should governed in the line of secularism where would havn’t any discrimination and injust. People needs and wants corruption and injustfree justice, equality and good governance from the ruler.
Writer:Jahangir Alam Akash, Editor of Euro Bangla (http://www.eurobangla.org/), editor.eurobangla@yahoo.de

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A picture on minority oppression in Bangladesh

By Jahangir Alam Akash, Hindu-Indigenous and Christian minority people have been oppressed continuously by the political influential in Bangladesh. An Indigenous woman Jhorna Dewan (32) has killed on 29 March in Rangamati. (Source: BD News 24, 30.3.2010). This is the latest incident of minority oppression. At least 3 Indigenous people have killed in the incident of February in CHT. We can make a picture of minority oppression.
According to the daily Jugantor (24.3.2010), Mohammad Sanowaruzzaman Josef – Member of Upazila Awami League and U.P. Chairman and his brother Mr. Shamsuzzaman Talukdar Soeb – President of Juba League forcefully and fraudulently occupied lands of renowned Kali Temple situated at Kaliazuri Upazila Sadar of Netrakona district of Bangladesh.
In this connection, Mr. Ranjit Sarker along with some leaders of Hindu community made an appeal to the Deputy Commissioner of Netrakona district for recovery of deity’s land. They also claimed that since long the Hindu communities were celebrating Puja and religious festival on those lands. The powerful land grabbers most illegally occupied those lands and started construct multi storied building thereon. A sense of discontentment was prevailing amongst the Hindu communities due to this abrupt occupation of Temple properties.
According to the Samakal (22.3.2010), Muslim perpetrators on 21 March at about 16.00 hours attacked Hindu village at Dhanua within Faridgonj Police station of Chandpur district. Two Hindu dwellers have been admitted at the hospital with precarious condition due to abrupt attack by perpetrators. Names of injured victims are 1) Ms.Archana Rani Das and 2) Sanjit Das. Because of continuous love affairs between Hindu boy Mr. Samir Chandra Das (17) and Muslim girl Ms. Haowa Begum (16) there developed eternal love.
It is reported that there existed a love between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl within the same locality. Both the boy and girl absconded due to persistent pressure from their father and mothers and other religious leaders. Muslim inhabitants of the same locality became furious because of inter- religious marriage activities in the locality. On 21March at about 16.00pm a gang of perpetrators with deadly weapons attacked Hindu village, destroyed a substantial part of Temple thus desecrated the Hindu deities thereon, destroyed some dwelling houses of minorities and assaulted 10 Hindu inhabitants of Hindu village only because of love affairs between Hindu boy Mr. Samir Chandra Das (17) and Muslim girl Ms. Haowa Begum (16) This unfortunate incident took place at Bara Dhanua Uttaqr Das Para U.P. No.9 of Govindapur, Faridgonj police station of Chandpur district.
Mr. Bhudu Gopal Das lodged first information report (FIR) at Faridgonj police station on same day against the five perpetrators and unknown 10/15 others under section 143/447/448/385/295/323/325/427/502 of Bangladesh penal code. The accused perpetrators are: Mohammad Faruk (40) son of Yonus, Md. Harun (35) son of Abdul Gani, Md. Siddique (35) son of Iqbal, Md. Sumon (35) Luthfar Rahman Gazi, Md. Masum (35) son of Younus Patwari and 10 to 15 unknown others. Faridgonj police arrested Mohammad Faruk and Md. Harun and sent them to jail custody. All other perpetrators are absconding.
According to the daily Amader Shomoy ( 21 March, 2010), Ms. Anju Rani Das (16) a Hindu school student of Class Nine was seized forcibly from custody of her elder brother on way to visit their relative’s house at Boga Union of village West Kaina within Baufol police station. Her father’s name is Amullya Chandra Das (45) of Kolapara police station of Patuakhali district. Mr. Shymol Chandra Das – elder brother of victim girl was wrongfully restrained and confined at the road along with Ms.Anju physically assaulted, their belongings looted, by the perpetrators and took victim away at Kaina and more than 8 Muslim perpetrators raped her one after another 10/15 kilometres away from police station. Initially the local people came to know about this incident of gang-rape and informed the police after chase of two accused. Ms. Anju Rani was gang-raped on 19th March, 10 at about 8.30 p.m. at Kaina of Boga Union 15 kilometres away from Baufal police station by following accused perpetrators: Hanif Howlader ( 38), Bashir Mollah (30), Forkan Howlader (25), Mohammad Masum @ commander Masud (28), Jamal Khan (35), Mohammad Liton (25), Abdul Mannan (30), Md. Abul Kalam (32). The victim lodged first information report (FIR) at Boufol police station being Boufol P.S. case No. 20 dated 20.03.2010 under section 9(3)30 of Women and Children Repression Ordinace,2003 and 341/379 of Bangladesh penal code against those perpetrators. Out of eight perpetrators two have been arrested by police in the meantime.
According to the daily Sangbad (16.3.2010), Serious allegation against perpetrators belonging to Awami League in power forcefully occupied landed properties worth Taka half a billion of Hindu families at Kishoreganj town. Although police rushed at the spot soon after a general diary was lodged at Sadar police station the perpetrators continued to erect construction on the lands of Hindus illegally. On Monday the Hindu victims in press conference imparted facts of case at the District Press Club in Kishoreganj that on last Friday morning the perpetrators namely –Abdul Karim son of Hashim Bepari, Siddique son of Mansur Ali and Taher along with 10/12 more perpetrators forcefully occupied .5 sataks of lands belonging to Narayan Biswas of Bhattacharjee Para, .7 sataks of lands belonging to Ms.Mala Rani Chowdhury wife of Saitten Bhattacharjee, .3 sataks of lands belonging to Ms.Beauty Bhattarjee wife of Brajesh Bhattacharjee, 03 sataks of lands belonging to Ms.Beauty Rani Sutradhar wife of Bipul Sutradhar, 03 and half sataks belonging to Monmohan Basak, 05 and half sataks of lands belonging to Nani Gopal Banik.
It is also reported that those minority Hindus had been owning and possessing those lands since 15 to 30 years ago. All those lands grabbers forcefully erected houses. In this connection Mr.Saitten Bhattacharjee husband of Ms. Mala Rani started a general diary entry as complainant.The minority communities there in great anxiety and nobody dared to protest illegal construction of houses on their lands. Mir Mosharaf Hossain, Officer-in-Charge of Sadar P.S. informed that on Sunday night and on Monday morning police stopped construction on the lands in dispute. Both the parties were advised to report police station with their legal documents.
According to the daily Jugantor (5.3.2010), Assailants shot dead a Jewellery trader in front of Bahadur Shah Park in Old town in Dhaka Thursday morning.
The deceased was Prem Krishna Roy (37), a resident of Khailash Ghosh Lane at Kazir Deuri. Witnesses said a gang of three of four assailants stopped Prem Krishna, who was on his way home, near the park about 7.45 a.m. and shot him in the fact, chest, abdomen and shoulders. Prem, who returned from Dubai recently, fell on the ground severely wounded. The gangsters made their escape by firing blank shots. Local people took him to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Prem’s elder brother Amal Roy alleged his brother might have been killed by extortionist who had demanded Taka 10 lakh from Amal just a month ago. On 14th February, 10 he made a general diary entry at Kotwali police station for necessary protection, but police failed to protect him. “Some unnamed people, who demanded Taka 10 lakh from me, threatened me and my family over telephone of dire consequences if I would fail to pay the money, he said. As I refused to pay the money, they repeatedly threatened me saying that they would kill my family members, Amal, who owns the James Jewellery Workshop in the area. Prem who got married to Ms Swapna Roy three months ago, returned to the country early December, 2009 after staying in Dubai for five years. Swapna said her husband had no enmity with anyone.
Nitty Mondal, a worker of the James Jewellery Workshop told that Amal Roy received threats from unnamed caller three times in February and he refused to pay any money back home, Prem Roy had helped his brother in running the business. Once Prem was abducted for extorting Taka five million and after payment those perpetrators let him free on condition. He however, said they could not identify the extortionist.
According to the daily Destiny (18.2.2010), Bijoy Roy (13) a Hindu- children- van-carrier of Chowgacha Upazila was assassinated to death by unknown assailants. His head was separated from his body. He is a destitute child of Aswani Roy –a Hindu van carrier of village Bonni of Chowgacha Upazila. Nobody could identify who were the killers. There is no allegation against this destitute boy. Local lamented for such killing as soon as they came to know this unfortunate event. Local people informed police on 15 February, 10 while mutilated dead body of Bijoy Roy was identified from village Bonni. Police sent the dead body to hospital morgue for autopsy. No relatives of the deceased know when why this boy was brutally killed. On Sunday last Bijoy did not return to his home till his assassination. No trace was available whole night from 14 February, 10. Neighbour became astonished seeing his separated body of this innocent boy.
Mozzammel Hoque, S.I. of Police informed that a murder case has been started without mentioning the names of the assailants and the investigation was going on. Chowgacha P.S. case No. 4 dated 15.02.10 under section 302/34 of penal code; one Md. Tarikul Islam (21) son of Abdul Mannan was arrested on suspicion.
According to the daily Sangbad and Samakal (7.2.2010), consequent upon an incident of sexual harassment of Hindu girl some unruly perpetrators attacked Hindu Temple at Mograpara of Sonargaon Sub-district at Narayanganj of Bangladesh on Friday 5 February, 10 evening. Perpetrators also demolished 6 (six) Hindu Deities (Murthies), attacked houses belonging to Hindu communities. During this time Hindus were celebrating Puja at the premises. Police deployed for controlling the situation. The perpetrators also damaged houses belonged to Hindus namely a) Naresh b) Netai, c) Polly, d) Govinda and e) Sentu and some Hindu youths had been beaten. The perpetrators belonged to Muslims are: Rakibul, Sujan, Sabbir, Mohan, Sagar, Ripon and more others. It is alleged that since 2 February, 10 “Kali Puja” started at village Ashrabdi within Sonargaon Sub-District which would continue for seven days as usual custom. On 4 February, 10 some perpetrators went to see Puja and they wanted to harass one Hindu girl sexually. Some Hindu people protested this ugly harassment and as a result there was scuffle between them and at one stage 20/25 perpetrators armed with sticks and other wooden lathies attacked the Hindu temple and damaged 6 (six) deities. As a result 4 persons were injured. The local Upazila Chairman Md. Mosharaf Hossain informed that the matter has been compromised.
According to the daily Janakantha (19.1.2010), Seven Murthies (Sarwasati deities) constructed for the purpose of Puja demolished by the perpetrators at Pal Para on Saturday night within Sajahanpur in the district of Bogra. Police informed there was preparation of 12 Sarawasati Deity in the village of Demajani of Sajahanpur Upazila. Those Murthies were constructed for the purpose of ensuring Sarwasati Puja. The deity maker worked till 10 a.m. But in the morning out of 12 Deities 7 seven deities are not traceable. After through search those seven deities were found in the jungle with broken conditions.
According to the daily Sangbad (16.12.2010), A powerful businessman within Muktagacha town of Mymensingh district forcefully occupied lands belonging to Hindus. Because the Hindu victim solicited justice, perpetrators obstructed roads and trying to evict him unlawfully. The victim alleged in a written complain that Ms.Raju Bala constructed a house purchasing .3.00 sataks of lands from Mohammad Hossain in the year, 1989 within Paratongi Mouza and she was staying thereon lawfully. During the period of 4 party alliances the powerful neighbour Abdus Sattar Saju –with connivance of political leaders of BNP-Jamat forcefully occupied those three sataks of lands and constructed building thereon. Abdus Sattar Saju threatened Ms.Raju Bala while she tried to intervene. In this connection there were local arbitrations to mete out justice to this women but the occupant most illegally obstructed roads with a view to grab the lands. In this connection a written complain addressed to the Minister for Lands & Reforms made who directed the Deputy Commissioner for taking necessary action. Consequently the powerful perpetrators became more agitating continuously threatening the members of this destitute minority to leave the country. Ram Das husband of Ms.Raju Bala informing press claimed that he deposited up-to-date rents of to the government. He also requested all concerned to get his lands back and necessary intervention by the highest authority being solicited.
According to the investigation report of Bangladesh Minority Watch and GHRD, on 27 October, 2009 Loly Chakma (15) has gang-raped in Sitakunda of Chittagong. The accused are 1) Zahur Member (40) son of late Hajee Atar Meah of Keshabpur, Lalbagh – P.S. Sitakunda, Chittagoong. 2) Sumon (35) son of Md. Ishaque of do 3) Shamim (26) son of Shah Alam driver, 4) Hannan (30) son of Md. Hanif 5) Nuruzamman Sawdagar (45) son of late Abul Khair, 6) Selim (32) son of late Nurul Hoque, 7) Monaiya @ Mona, (25) son of late Abul , all of Keshabpur, Lalbagh,, P.S. Sitakunda. District-Chittagong.
According to the Janakantha (4.10.2009), Two Minority Families belonging to Hindus at Kalapara Upazila of Patuakhali District of Bangladesh are going to be uprooted from their homestead because of false cases filed by Hashem Sikdar – a land grabber of same locality. Both the Hindu families submitted an appeal to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Ms.Sima and Ms.Ruma -daughters of Makhan Lal of those victims expressed their anguish and submitted an appeal to conscious people of Bangladesh to come forward for their protection of land rights.
According to the daily Star (27.11.2009), At least five women were injured as a local influential person and his men attacked and ransacked 17 houses in an attempt to illegally evict indigenous people in Shialor village in Haripur upazila of Thakurgaon on 26 November, 2009. Of the injured indigenous women, Baramai Maddi, 46, was committed to Haripur Upazila Health Complex in a critical state.
Police said Abdul Alim and his men attacked the indigenous people around 11:30am and badly damaged 17 thatched houses. President of Jatiya Adibashi Parishad of Haripur unit Soniram Hemrom told, about 50 people led by Alim launched the attack for illegally evicting them from Som Maddi’s ancestral land.
Alim claimed he purchased the 3.25 acres of land from Som’s mother 22 years ago. However, Soniram trashed the claim and said in their tradition mothers cannot sell any land. Soniram added on the day of the attack the indigenous male people went to the district headquarters to attend hearing of a case filed by Alim against 200 people to “harass” them.

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By Jahangir Alam Akash, This family was living in the village Jhaluka at Durgapur in Rajshahi of Bangladesh. After horrible persecution they were shifted their living place. Now their large lands of the house is ploughing for crops. This family was oppressed several times during Awami League (2000) and BNP-Jammat (2001) period. The head of this family Dasharat Chandra Kobiraj was honourable to all as a primary school teacher. He was attacked for attempt to murder in 2001. Then after two years he was died. Still this family has waiting to see the justice. Before persecution Dasharat Kobiraj (96) was blocked by the BNP-Jammat cadres with his wife Laxmi Rani in his own house for 22 days.
Ranojit Chandra Kobiraj is a son of Dasharat Kobiraj. He is a school teacher and he is the general secretary of Puja Udjapon Parishad Rajshahi district unit. We were taking his interview on 3rd January, 2010. He told, After the election of 2001 on 4th October the terrorists of BNP-Jammat government were looted and damaged our house. We are six brothers and one son of a brother were flown from house. After then we couldn’t go t our house. WE also couldn’t growing crops in our lands. From that time we the brothers and nephew have been living in separate places. Now we have made a mango garden in our house lands. Attempt to murder to our father for extortion we were filed case against the cadres of Jote government. But the eye witnesses couldn’t go to court to give their statement or we couldn’t took them in court. Because the fearing of terrorists. So, the case was quit without justice.
Now we the brothers are living in separate places. Two brothers of me are living at Durgapur city and one brother is living at Puthia. Other two we are living here (Amgachi) between. If we have get the legal assistance then we want to justice before our deaths. If the government would take initiative then we must want to get justice. Our failure that we couldn’t take eye witnesses to the court. Nobody didn’t go to court for giving their statement for the afraid of terrorists. On 26th October, 2001 the cadres of jote government were murdered to our father for wanting money as extortion. They seemed that our father was dead. But, fortunately he was alive in that situation. After then he was taking treatment in a hospital. But, he wasn’t cure. We couldn’t give him better treatment for economic reason. And after fighting with die he (Dasharat) was died on 29th August, 2006. He couldn’t death in the land of his house which was getting from his father and grand father. It is a great sorrow to us. But we were buried him there.
Wife od Ranajit Kobiraj told, when we remind that scenario or talk the situation in that time we are feeling very pain in our mind.
When we thought our situation then we are astonished. We couldn’t thinking that painful situation. By any means we are living now. But, we couldn’t see each and other (with our brothers and other relatives). Those who weren’t made statement for that we have no claim. Because we know that they couldn’t6 say anything for fear of terrorists. Even we couldn’t go to court for giving our witness statement. Mind pain have our in mind. We couldn’t do anything. But, we want to justice. If we would see the justice in our life then we would be very happy. Which we have lost we wouldn’t back but if the justice would finish that is our pleasure. Though, father (Dasharat) couldn’t see or know anything. He was gone with great pain in his mind.
Another son of Dasharat told, how could finish justice? Without eye witnesses statement court also nothing to do. So, we wouldn’t get justice. Because for justice should need real eye witness. We were here together with our brothers. Our own group, brother or neighbour what I says we are alone. Lack of own people we had leave this place. We have nobody here. Some people weren’t giving their witness statement for the love of their relatives, group or religious. Court would say that take competent witness. But where we could get witness? So, nobody would give statement. That is why we are put our pain inside of the mind. We are still alive we should take care of our children’s. In 2000 the terrorists were set fire and looted our houses. In that connection we were filed a case. In that case 34 accused were convicted. But, they had gone to higher court. In the high court the case is hanging now. We were tortured two times. At the end we couldn’t live there.
Jogesh Chandra Kobiraj a son of Dasharat told, we are a oppressed family of Jhaluka village. We were filed 6/7 cases against the terrorists which were damaged our house and attacked to our father. Most of the cases were dismissed for continuously threatening. And 2/1 cases we were withdrawn by forcedly. I myself is the plaintiff of the attempt to murder case of my father. Being their threatening we were withdrawn case forcedly. On the other hand we couldn’t found eye witness for continuously threatening by terrorists. By the attacked of terrorists my father was died. In 2000 during the period of Awami League government we were tortured. But, we didn’t get any help from the government in that time. After the election of 2001 we were again oppressed during BNP-Jammat government. In that time also we didn’t get any help from government or administration. Though, after attacked we were scattered from our house. Even the present Awami government has passing their one year time still we didn’t get any help. We are a oppressed family. Then our demand is that, government should remember to us. At least 32 members of Dasharat Kobiraj after persecution we were scattered and living inhumanly with sorrow and pain. Our hope the government should give us an opportunity which would have our dependent to live. https://jaakash.wordpress.com/

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By Jahangir Alam Akash, An eminent patriot and internationally renowned celebrated scientist Dr. Arun Kumar Basak is being subjected to harassment and mental torture, perpetrated by a government establishment. This makes it difficult for him to devote himself to study and research. He and the other members of his family are passing their days in a state of deep insecurity. Dr. Basak was honored with the highly prestigious Bangladesh Academy of Sciences Gold medal in 2006 for his outstanding contributions in the field of Physical Sciences.
Rubi Villa is a name of an old house. Professor Amiretus of Rajshahi University Arun Basak is the owner of this house. It’s situated of the middle of Rajshahi city near Boalia police station.
Dr Arun Basak, a retired professor of Physics of the University of Rajshahi, has been subjected to cynical harassment and mental torture, inflicted by the Rajshahi Development Authority (RDA) in league with a powerful vested interest of the locality. Appealing against this overbalance, Mrs. Devika Basak, wife of Professor Basak has made a written prayer on 24 January of 2007 to the Honorable President of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh.
Professor Basak bought an old dilapidated house in the Sagarpara area of the city for residential purposes and registered it in the name of his wife in 1985. He renovated the house with minor adjustments to settle there. The roofed staircase was reconstructed with no new house-construction or wall. The RDA served a show cause notice on Mrs Basak on 10 January, 1987, charging her with the offence of unauthorized house-building without a prior permission from their office. Mrs. Basak sent a reply to the notice on 15 January of that year. In it she explained that the staircase was built only with cooperation, counseling and goodwill of the neighbors. There was no objection from any of the neighbors. In reply to the notice, Mrs Basak also submitted that they did not have any prior knowledge that the renovation of a staircase matching an old house required a formal approval of the RDA, and hence she prayed for a formal sanction of the work which had been done in a good faith. In addition, she pledged that she would be obliged to pull down the reconstructed staircase if in the future that becomes a necessity in the interest of the RDA. In response to the submission of Mrs Devika Basak, the report observes, the Authorized Officer of RDA after a long silence of six years informed her in a letter of 29 October, 1993 that the charge leveled against her had been provisionally withdrawn, and in consequence of that the Basak family settled down in that house without any further trouble.
But, as stated in the aforesaid petition to the Honorable President, a new crisis developed for them in 2003, when an additional construction was started on the southern side of their house by their adjacent neighbor showing total disregard for the rules of house-building in an urban locality. This erection came within a mere 9 (nine) inch distance from the residential room of the very old house, that Professor Basak had bought for this wife and since been living in with his other members of his family, by the scheming neighbor Mr. I. Y. Ferdous. The overbearing Mr Ferdous left even no cornice gap at the roof-top. The mandatory restriction of a gap of at least 4 (four) feet from the boundary imposed by the RDA was blatantly flouted by Mr. Ferdous. Mrs Basak entreated with Mr. Ferdous to desist from the unlawful and heinous act. But Mr. Ferdous not only threw aside but also threatened highly respected Dr. Basak with a dire consequence in case the Basak family dared to interfere with the evil designs of Ferdous. The matter was brought to the notice of the local ward Commissioner, Mr. Abdul Hamid Sarkar Tekon. But he took no corrective measure even after his high promise to the Basak family. Once the said Ferdous had completed the construction of the second floor of his venture, some BNP leaders of the then ruling party intervened and endorsed a formal complain regarding the matter to the RDA authority.
The RDA authority, after serving two consecutive notices on both Ferdous and Devika Basak, started putting pressure on Dr. Basak to agree to a compromise with Ferdous even while he was executing uninterrupted his ulterior design. Scientist Basak told the investing team of the TFT that two buildings almost locked side by side and stops cross ventilation of air leading ultimately to the development of a hazardous level of radioactive radon gas naturally emanated from the concrete materials, which is one of the principal causes of lung-cancer. This house-related disturbance and thrust on him through the machinations of his recalcitrant neighbor are destroying his peace of mind and he can no longer adequately concentrate on his research works, he lamented.
The RDA authority constituted an inquiry committee formed with the ward commissioner Abdul Hamid Sarkar Tekon (who failed to stop Ferdous from his heinous designs at the beginning of the illegal construction on 9 March, 2006 to look specifically into the matter. But the report of the committee has not yet seen the light of the day. And Mr. Ferdous is an influential who is much closed with the Mayor of Rajshahi city AHM Khairuzzaman Liton.
Professor Arun Basak told, we are under big trabule. Our nighbour has built a new building violating the rule of RDA and occupied our land. But, both of two buildings have no gaped. So, our building now is not able to use. We went to many places for solve this problem. But, we were failed. We went to local ward commissioner and to the authority of RDA. But, oppressing has started on us. It is unfortunate that RDA was given us notice as we are guilty. By that way they wanted to minimize to this problem. My wife was wrote an application to the President in the regime of caretaker government. After then RDA has try to compromise. In the mean time, the opponent was filed an injunction case in the Judge court. On the other hand, opponent made a false allegation against us to the Waqfo estate that we were occupied their three feet land. From Waqfo we were received a notice. We answered to them by our lawyer. Then a measurement was completed by the ADC revenue. By that measurement it was proved that the complainant was occupied our land. Still haven’t taken any action against him (nighbour and opponent). Still a case has been running in the court. We are living in very helpless now. Still, (January-3, 2010) we haven’t got any solution. From local administration or any administration we haven’t got any help. Day after day have rescheduled date in the court. We have no child. My wifeliving in this house alone with very helpless when I was in university. In the regime of BNP I was threatened. Then my wife told me that don’t take any action on threatened. Because, they are very powerful they would be killed me. For our life security we didn’t go to the administration. But, local people were submitted an application to the RDA on behave of us. But RDA turned upside down against us. They had started oppression on us. We were built a stair before 24 years. On that stair RDA was given us a notice. They said that this stair was illegally built. After giving that notice RDA was pressured to us to compromise with opponent. But, we weren’t agreed with them. After then RDA authority was angry with us. We haven’t got any help from former Mayor of Rajshahi. Even from present local administration we haven’t getting any help.
Devika Basak wife of Arun Basak told, we are in heavy danger. We are in very unpeace situation with this house. Our nighouber was made a two floor building without any gap of our building. We were in round to door to door. But, nobody wasn’t helped us. Even I went to the local ward commissioner in several times. But, he hasn’t helped us.

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By Jahangir Alam Akash, In Bangladesh, BNP and Awami League were united for their self-interest of Hindu minority persecution. Though, in the political field both of this two big political parties have been quarrel and fight each and other. Nuruzzaman Piter is an influential businessman who is to close with a central leader of BNP and former Mayor of Rajshahi city Mizanur Rahman Minu. On the other side, Jahangir Alam Haran is another great businessman, who is to close with a central leader of Awami League and present Mayor of same city AHM Khairuzzaman Liton.
Both of two businessmen have a land of the middle of Rajshahi city. In front of their land have a small piece of land (one and half Katha) which of owner Hindu minority Gopal Ram and Noresh Ram (both of are brother). One side of the land has a small wheat broken factory. Other side they have been living in a small room. But, the influential’s businessmen were wanted to buy this land of piece for increasing their multistoried building. Owner of that land was denied to sell it. After then the influentials were making conspiracy to evict from hereditary homestead of them and to grab this land. For this they wanted to use Army men.
On 1st January, 2010 Gopal Ram told, this was a house. My older mother was living here. But, the influential’s was destroyed it. When they were doing vandalizing my mother and a daughter of my brother were inside of this house. They would be killed, fortunately they were safe. By brutally they were attacked in the night (at around 3.00am). We were afraid and anxious. Even our lives were hard to safe. In that time nobody was helped us.
They were vandalized our factory and room. A portion of the factory was safe. But, two third portion of our room was destroyed. After this my mother was died few days ago only for overwhelmed with grief of house. Still we are in front of torture. By any means we have been staying here with the life of hand. Of the factory have 440 power lines. It is very risky. In every rainy season here comes horrible scenario. In that time no one can live here. But, we have no alternative.
He also mentioned that, still we weren’t getting justice. Wife of Gopal Ram told, they were looted chair, table, an almirah and other furniture’s. Gopal Ram said, many places I went for help even administration. But nobody helped me. When rain come then the environment of here is unbearable. One side of this room we protect rain by some Polethin then rainfall come into other side. Then again we try to protect that side. The attackers wanted to kill my wife and they also tortured to the children. Many people were seeing their atrocities. But, nobody even administration wasn’t come to protect us. All were seeing and laughing in that time. This type of atrocity was happened in the middle of Rajshahi. Not only that it’s a divisional town it was untellable.
He added that, they were made their multistoried building wall after broken our wall and room. Our house was fine and quite. But suddenly, terrorists group were came here and destroyed. Before that they were threatened to us. I went to local police station and informed to them. The police came and gone after investigation. Later again police was called me. Then I went to the police station with all of our papers. They were took and looking that papers. But, they didn’t take any action.
In this way many days have passed. Then again the attackers were threatened to us. At a stage they were vandalized our room during their building was making. They were destruction our wall by land ditch in side of our house wall. I was tried to protect. I was informed to police and local elites. But, they didn’t take initiative to protect us. Then I was filed a case. I was seeking security from government. The court was an ordered in favor of me. In spite of one day they were attack and rampage our house and factory in the day light. Around thousand people were took part that operation. Haran and Petar also were present in that time. They were possession some portion of our land. When my wife was tried to protect them then they were attempt to murder her. Again I went to the police station. Then police was come to the spot. But, police was told me that, you have to compromised with them. I told, why and what compromised? Where, I would go. I have a bit of land. By this land we are living and doing something for our lives. I have no alternative to operate for the family. But, they have made their building. I was obtained Court decree from Sadar court and from district Judge Court. Indeed, administration could nothing for us. I have continuing the case. But, the opponents have taking time again and again. I have in great trouble. My demand is the, government should to do something for us. We want justice. We are mentally upset. How long we would wait for justice? How would we alive?
Wife of Gopal Ram told, since 2001we are under torture, panic. They didn’t take me some time for cooking. They want to kill us by set fire. They told us that, ‘nobody could anything to them. We have power, we have money. We would manage all the things by money.’
She also said, they are waiting for chance again. With children we are under torturing. In spite of have law but we didn’t get benefit from law. From administration, police, court anywhere we didn’t get helped. To every where they were giving money. Then all of their mouth has stopped. Even an army officer was come and told us that we would destruction your house. Though case has running in the court.
It’s a very common feature of minority oppression in Bangladesh. We believe that, without actual democratic practice, rule of law, good governance and secularism
Minority persecution wouldn’t be stopped. All we of should be unite for establishing the minority rights and for stop minority persecution. At first minority community, civil society and those organizations has working for human rights all of them should be unite and start movement together against human rights violation. If we want to establish the rights of minority then should forget political believe (with Awami League, BNP, Jammat or any other). But, all of we must have political awareness and must be a secular.

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By Jahangir Alam Akash, An Indigenous village situated inside of the Rajshahi-Naogaon highway from Rajshahi to Naogaon towards before Naohata moar. There is a grave where laying Alfred Soren. He was the most popular Indigenous-Christian leader. He was living in the northern part of Bangladesh. This picture is the Indigenous village Vimpur Sorderpara. It’s situated at Mohadevpur sub district under Naogaon district. 19 Indigenous families were living in this Indigenous village. At least 275 Bigha (around 92 acres) land is the government land (Khash land) in this village. Out of these lands 40 acres were possession under Indigenous community. But the land lords wanted to occupy this land by force from Indigenous people.
The terrorists groups were attacked to the Indigenous village on 18th August, 2000 during the Awami League period for occupy this land. They killed to Alfred Soren in humanly. They were set fire to the houses and looted. The terrorists were attempted to murder to child, women and other oldest people during attack. At least 25 were seriously injured by the terrorists attacked on 18th August of 2000.
After this attack 5 Indigenous families were flown from this village for safe their life. Presently only 14 Bighas land are possessions under Indigenous community. And 14 Indigenous families are living there to love this land. Though, still they are in threatened by the influential land lords. Indigenous people are panic by the continuous threat.
After the attack Rebeca Soren who is the sister of killed Alfred Soren was filed a murder case against the killers. Though, still they are crying for justice and for their safety. But, the killers are openly sauntering here and there.
Rebeca Soren told that, my brother Alfred Soren was a leader of Indigenous and minority community in this area. The main motive of Alfred Soren murder was to grab the land and persecution of Indigenous and minority people. The influential’s are occupied the land of minority and Indigenous community by force. Not only that, they also torturing to the minority and Indigenous illegally. My brother was protested against this bad activity. He was recovering the lands which were occupied by the land lords. Godai and Schitesh are the main culprits to torturing us and grabbing our lands. Pijush Bhattacharya was taken here to our father and grand fathers. He was committed to give five Bighas lands for family maintains and another five Katha land for live each family. And already have passed 12 years of his promised. But, he didn’t fulfill his commitment.
Alfred was communicate with Godai for fulfill their commitment. Then they were started conspiracy against Alfred. On 4th August, 2000 the terrorists of land lords were tortured to the Indigenous people. Alfred was filed a case against the attackers in this connection. After then the brutal incident of 18th August, 2000 was happened. The Indigenous community was organized a protest meeting against Indigenous persecution at Naohata Moar of Naogaon on 18th August, 2000. Alfred was setup a stage for the protest meeting. After then he was coming in the house for breakfast. In that time the attackers were coming from four sides towards Indigenous village. The terrorists of Godai and Schitesh were full of various weapons. They were set fire to our houses and straws of paddy. They were thrown bricks and brickbats to us. And they were beating, torturing to us by unsystematically. I was injured by their throwing bricks. I was also tried to safe Alfred by two paddy sacks. The attackers told to Alfred that, today we kill you.
In that time I was feel nervous. We were (brother-sister) to go inside a room to hide. But, they were set fire that room. My exhalation was coming to stop. Then I was broken a window and flew from that room. At a stage they were found to Alfred. My brother was requested to them for begging his life from them. But, they killed him by chop with various weapons.
Rebeca Soren told, after that killing we were filed a case. And the villagers went to the local police office. But, police didn’t take any initiative. Though, police was confined our peoples (Indigenous). Then general people were beaten to the policemen. We were told to the police that, the terrorists killed to Alfred. But, police obstructed to general people. We informed to the local officer in charge of police. But, they didn’t take action on killers. They didn’t hear our appeal. Actually he (OC) was taken bribe from the killers. From the village one after another at least three persons went to the police station and informed to the OC. After knew the killing, OC wasn’t given permission to the people for come to the village.
She told, the Alfred Soren murder case is now in the High Court. Though, the case was in local court. But the killers was doing writ again and again. The accused killers were taking bail again and again. But, their bail was cancelled during the Emergency period. Now they are staying in the area. They occupied 120 Bighas land which had possession us. Another brother was threatened by the killers. He was flown from the village after Alfred killing. Later I was taken him to here for my security. The killers told us that, now they want to kill my younger brother.
After receiving threat we were informed to the local police. Now we have no security. We are afraid for their inner conflict. Now the land lords (accused killers) are divided by two factions. We seem that, they would be fight themselves then they accuse to us. Still they are making conspiracy. In the dark night they made meeting to taking revenge on us.
Firstly, they offered me to compromise. They told me that, if I would not agree with their proposal then they will kill me like my brother Alfred Soren. I was told them, never I could betray with blood. No one can buy to me. I always ready to sacrifice my life. In spite of I can’t sit for compromise with the killers. Now, they are doing conspiracy by other way. My brother was killed in day light by inhumanly. I want to real justice for my brother killing. If wouldn’t getting justice of Alfred Soren murder then the killers would be killed to me and my younger brother. Not only that those who are honest and are fighting for the poor people they might me victimized by the killers. Administration attitude has changed to us.
Now they haven’t giving importance to us. Though, after the incident they were very much conscious for our security. Previous time, when we feel problem and went to the administration then they were giving helped us very hurry. But, now that attitude is not alive. If the administration wouldn’t help us then we couldn’t stay here. We want justice and security. At present reality is that, administrations are running for money. And those who have money they have getting importance from police and administration. The moneymen have giving money to the police.
We want to justice of Alfred Soren, Cholesh Richil, Manik Saha, Dipankar Chakraborty, Goutam Das, Principal Gopal Krishna Muhury and all other Indigenous-minority killings.

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