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Jahangir Alam Akash: Mr. AHM Khairuzzaman Liton. He is the mayor of Rajshahi in Bangladesh. His father was a national leader who killed in prison in 1975. In this new year on 6 January, he sent a request of friend to me on Facebook. I did not recognition of friendship in a logistical reason. Why did not I do that, then you to judge after reading this article. I want to share just some things you just as did Mayor Liton. He sent the friend request me with a new name. I discovered it after getting the request that there is another Facebook account to Liton. All other family members of Liton were Muslim League supporters, except AHM Kamaruzzaman, fathers of Liton.

Matter is not it. Now Mr. Liton is very powerful politician (not in the popularity or democratic values). He is the shadow General Secretary of “Rajshahi City Awami League” (ruling party). His cousin name is Omar Faruk Chowdhury is the General Secretary of “Rajshahi District Awami League”. Mr. Chowdhury is also a member of parliament. The first May of 2001, he was registered with “Awami League”. Before that he was not in “Awami League. Mother to Chowdhury is a powerful leader of the “Jammat-e-Islam Bangladesh” (a political party of war criminals). It’s not my words, people talks about it sometimes. Changing political think is not a new issue in Bangladesh. It is very common there, especially in the two major parties, some of the leaders do it often. Another uncle of Mayor Liton is Mahafujul Alam Loton. He was also register with the “Awami League” in 2001 along with Chowdhury. Now he is vice president of “Rajshahi City Awami League”. Government party in Rajshahi are possessions of Litons family now! It was a long desire to Liton and his cousin to catch the local party leadership. Now fulfilled their dream. It is also not a new practice in Bangladesh. Prime Minister of Bangladesh Hasina and her party were surrendered into the conspiracy of two brothers. Hasina and her party removed Tajul Islam Mohammad Faruque from the president of “Rajshahi District Awami League” without any reason. They didn´t take the democratic way to do it. But he was an elected president by the open vote. Mr. Tajul Islam also was elected as the parliamentary representative in 1991 from “Awami League”. Over a period of more than four decades, he is in “Awami League” continuously. But I’m not disappointed about to removed him. Because it is not new in Bangladesh.

Power, politics and money is a powerful stone in the breast of the people. But I am optimistic, the people, especially the young generation will not have to wait a long time. They should be united for the beloved homeland. United humanistic young power hammer will be broken stone of evil. The hammer of the humanities of the young men will turn the evil stone, the hammer is very device now. It is not far from reality. Because of back pain and anxiety went up to the wall. The recent election of Naraynngonj and Comilla is the blast of the affected people. Although, Hasina lost people support by these two elections. But she did not take any lesson from there. The selfish, undemocratic, opportunistic and praise, she is keeping up to date. Hasina even themselves are in this cycle now. We do not need to say anything about the party of Khaleda here. People who are sekular and faith to fight for freedom has more hope or expectation to Hasina and her party.

If the eyes of Hasina would look to what people want, would be better for her own. I do not want the price to increase. I think that Mr. Liton is not interested to make friend with me, he wants to fear and threat me mentally. So he sent me the request. Of course, it is possible to say have a reason. He has many facebook friends in this country where I live now. They are also very important person here. Maybe he thinks that people should be helping him to fear me. He forgot that it is not Bangladesh! This country is a country of human rights, peace, democracy and safety country.After received the request from Liton, I answered him. Now I would like to share it with you as I wrote, as it is.

“Mr. AHM khairuzzaman liton, greetings. You have sent a request to become a friend on Facebook with me. No, I’m not surprised for it. Because you can do everything. You can plan to kill the journalist, conspiracy against Hasina during the emergency. When Hasina returned to power once again to become the favorite of Hasina. You threatened to kill the Chairman of “Rajshahi Education Board,” Professor Dipak. When you wanted your child into a good result by force. No, this is not my word. It published a famous English newspaper in Bangladesh, the newspaper called “Daily Star”. How disturbed and threatened you to Dr. Dipak? I’m sure you can remember it now, that made you. As a representative you travel to many countries with money from the people, which they earned by hard work.

You are also a mayor of a country in the third World, which is a developing and poor country. Can you say what is the difference between the mayor of Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria and Bangladesh? What is your lifestyle? Perhaps you understand now. Many differences between you and them, I think. Of course you understand, but you are not in practice there in the home country. The mayors of Europe live in a very normal life like other people. Just seeing them is no reason to understand that they are the mayor. Some of the mayor bikes to the market or to the office. People can contact them at any time. But what you do in practice in Bangladesh? The mayors of the largest democratic and non-discrimination countries can live with normal life. You can not do it. Because you do not believe in democracy and has not tolerance, after all. In addition there is corruption, discrimination in all areas. The politicians killing democracy (not all politicians, some exceptions) in Bangladesh every day in many ways.

You know that, just for you, your uncle Loton, Major Rashid and RAB (Rapid Action Batta Lian) I was forced to leave my country. You wanted to kill me.
I was hung and blindfoldedfor 15 hours in the torture camp. Army tortured me with inhumanly. I have yet symptom in my body. But I had no guilty. I talked about secularism, democracy, equality, minority and indigenous rights, children and women’s rights and against corruption, terrorism, militancy. In Bangladesh, I did journalism for the people, especially for the oppressed and voiceless people. I did rally with a cover of dead cloth against terrorism when Hasina was attacked in 2004. Was it my fault? So why you punished and wanted to kill me with injustice? I was looking on facebook and found two accounts of you. Another account has your facebook with real names (AHM Khairuzzaman Liton). You sent me a friend request from Khaire Zaman. I have no problem to friendship with you. And I do not like the revenge. But I have a question for you. Prior to friendship with you, I hear answer why you wanted to kill me? I want to hear a transparent and honest answers from you about my question.
Why you made false cases against me which were filed by the after of rapist, killer, terrorists and other criminal? Who was the benefited of that? I can answer. It is corrupsjonist, killer, criminal, rapist was advantageous. Now reporters are in panic those can not write real reporting on corruption, terrorism. You were successful in this way. You were breaking up the courage of journalists by tortured me. Although if someone writes against corruption they may kill or kidnap or even go under the secret killing. Thease are very common in Bangladesh now. I look forward to hearing from you a real and honest answers to my questions. Photo caption. AHM Khairuzzaman Liton is taking flowers from an extremist group (2008).


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Editorial opinion: RAB is a most powerful elite force for violation the human rights. RAB can do anything what they think and wants. Present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia of Bangladesh are also feels fear to them. Because the main power to win in the election is under the hand of their God countries. And that countries wants to promote the killing-torturing of RAB. That is why RAB is very much furious and they can’t bother to national and international law, treaty, convention, declaration, and the Constitution.
Euro Bangla is an online newspaper on press freedom, peace, democracy, minority-indigenous and human rights. Euro Bangla is now publishing in English. Euro Bangla web address is http://www.eurobangla.org/ Euro Bangla is oppose the religious extremism and state killing-torturing including extra judicial killing.
Suddenly from this afternoon we couldn’t visit/open this site, but why we don’t know. Euro Bangla has published a special report on torturing-killing of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in Bangladesh. It was the last update. We would like to invite you please write your thinking in Eoro Bangla. We do believe freedom of speech. So we would like to uphold the freedom of speech. It is our top priority. It also working against all kinds of torture and extra judicially killings. The Euro Bangla wants to do an objective and neutral journalism. We would like to work for better world where would be harmony, peace, democracy and of course human rights.
Please send your opinion, write up and report on humanistic angel to this e-mail address-

Last uploaded report in Euro Bangla:-

By Jahangir Alam Akash: The term “extrajudicial killing” means execution without justice. This is a grave human rights violation. It’s both a violation of Bangladesh’s constitution and of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But these types of killings still occur frequently in Bangladesh.
The State Minister for Home Affairs and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh openly support the extrajudicial killings, despite the fact that Bangladesh signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention against Torture. Not only that, the constitution of Bangladesh also safeguards the right to life.
The government of Bangladesh has been violating the constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights since 2004. According to Article 35(5) of the constitution of Bangladesh and Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” And according to Article 3 of the constitution of Bangladesh, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” But, in practice, Bangladesh does not ensure the right to life and has not complied with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the constitution of Bangladesh.
We can see that state institutions such as the judiciary, the rule of law, regulations, the constitution and the national assembly have been disabled. The media’s role regarding extrajudicial killings covered up under reports of “crossfire”, “gunfights” or “encounters” is negative and constrained. The media has only been publishing the normal reports about these encounters filed by the RAB or the police themselves.
A few human rights organizations have long been asking the government to stop the killings, terming them “extrajudicial”. Moreover, the High Court of Bangladesh, on June 29, 2009, asked the government to explain why killing people without a trial, in the form of extrajudicial killings, is not being declared as illegal, and why measures are not being taken against the perpetrators. After this ruling, we still haven’t seen anything happen.
Extrajudicial killings continue even in violation of the High Court’s ruling. How can they continue? It’s very alarming for human rights, democracy and the right to life. And why is the High Court silent regarding this gross human rights violation?
Both governmental and nongovernmental sources have said that the death toll has reached over 250 from such extrajudicial killings – labeled as “crossfire” killings, “encounter” killings or “gunfight” killings by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and the police – since January 6, 2009 (from January 6, 2009 to March 21, 2010) when the Awami League-led government assumed office. In Bangladesh, we have a so-called democracy, but there is no rule of law. Every day sees more killings of citizens by the state machinery, killings which are both well-planned and covered up.
The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has been violating the constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights day after day since 2002 (including operation clean heart). In 2004, the BNP-Jamaat government made a decision about extrajudicial killings and formed the RAB. From March 26, 2004 until December 24, 2010 over 1,750 people (including the killed figure 58 under operation clean heart in 2002) have been killed without justice. Though, according to the secret source, over 7,000 people have been killed only by the RAB since 2004.
The government of Bangladesh has sided with the extrajudicial killings. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has also said, in an indirect way, that extrajudicial killings will continue. She spoke clearly, upholding “crossfire” killings. What was said by our popular Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in New York is very unfortunate for the rule of law, democracy, the constitution, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the people of Bangladesh.
According to the Bdnews24.com, Sheikh Hasina talked with journalists in New York on Sept. 27, 2009. Referring to “crossfire” killings at the time, she said, “I do not believe in extrajudicial killings. But if anyone launches an armed attack (against a law enforcer), then they shouldn’t be allowed to kill them like sitting ducks.”
Bangladesh’s so-called elite force RAB and the police continues to engage in extrajudicial killings despite Supreme Court directives to halt it. Although the court is handling the issue of extrajudicial killings, RAB does not seem to be bothered either about the judiciary or the country’s laws.
At least 132 people were killed in RAB and police’s custody since the court issued a suo moto order on Nov. 17, 2009 asking the government for an explanation into such types of killings. The High Court on Dec. 14, 2009 expressed grave concern over the recurring extrajudicial killings even as 11 people were killed in custody since the issuance of a suo moto order on Nov. 17, 2009 asking the government for an explanation on the matter.
During the court hearing, the Attorney General was asked to convey the court’s concern to the director general of RAB. The High Court also asked the Attorney General to take initiatives so that no such killings took place till the next hearing scheduled for January 9. 2010 In addition, the HC also asked the state’s top law officer for the names of RAB officials of Madaripur that were involved in detaining two brothers Lutfor and Khairul Khalasi who were killed on November 16. Later we heard that, that particulars bench of the High Court has broken by the Chief Justice before hearing. Why, we don’t know?
When the present ruling Awami League party was in opposition, they often raised their voices against extrajudicial killings. Not only that, during the last general election, which brought them to power, they often said that extrajudicial killings should be stopped. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also told the international community that her government did not support extrajudicial killings. Indeed, the government’s attitude, work and words on this issue of crossfire are unfortunately inappropriate.
The assertions of responsible people in the present government are shocking. Home minister Sahara Khatun recently said that, there was no crossfire. It seems, either directly or indirectly, the home minister and other ministers are defending the perpetrators of such “crossfire” killings. Finally we can say that, in Bangladesh has no rule of law.
RAB also brutally tortured many journalists and human rights defenders. They were tortured journalist F M Masum (The New Age), Journalist Ahmed Noor (former Prothom Alo correspondent), Jahangir Alam Akash (DW, Sangbad & CSB News). The journalists were persecuted by RAB, because they have disclosed the RAB atrocities. RAB also killed the a freedom fighter Nirapad Kobiraj in the name of crossfire. Thousands people have been tortured by RAB. Many tortured and killed people by the RAB were very innocent.
Actually RAB is always violating human rights. Many are the responsible for many kidnapped and secret murders. Ward Commissioner of Dhaka City Corporation Chowdhury Alam was kidnapped by RAB. Still he is disappearance. RAB is the black chapter for human rights. RAB is the state killer force. RAB can do all what they wants. RAB is above all kinds of law. The killers of the RAB should trial those who were getting impunity already. Many RAB officials have got promotion and prize on the measurements of crossfire killings. RAB should be accountable and should be band.

Some examples of RAB atrocities:-

We have many other documents of RAB killing and torturing.

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Euro Bangla (http://www.eurobangla.org/) wouldn’t published in Bengali language. From now Euro Bangla would be published in English. But not from today. Now we are under processing to publish in English. It takes some days to develop the system. We would like to apologize to our valuable readers, writers and the well wishers for our new decision. Euro Bangla (http://www.eurobangla.org/) want to do effective of our struggling for the press freedom, democracy, peace and of course human rights in the international community. Hope all cooperation and support we would get from you. We always fighting for the minority-indigenous rights, women-children rights, freedom of speech, freedom of liberty-life, democracy, peace and human rights. We promised to uphold the human rights. We don’t have any particular political views. But we are very much secular. We opposed all kinds of extremism, death penalty, religious militancy, extra judicial killings, racism, discrimination etc.

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Jahangir Alam Akash: My dear golden Bangladesh please take my love and regards from Europe. I have been living since last one year as an exile in Europe. Today is 29 May, 2010. Exactly on this day in 2009 I was arrived in Deutschland. And on 28 May, 2009 I was compelled to leave my homeland for the safety of my life. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xzaCRYCkqs   https://jaakash.wordpress.com/ http://www.eurobangla.org/)
I don’t know how are the people of my loving Bangladesh now, really! I Hope, everything is all right there. The government has been banned a strong social media Face book in Bangladesh. Another TV station Channel 1 also shut down by the government. After my leaving of the country, at least five journalists have been killed (including Fothe Osmani and S I Mithu). Many other have been persecuted (one of them is F M Masum). From abroad, I feel very much pain in my heart for them.
I miss my working place Rajshahi, colleagues, friends, family members, journalism in Bangladesh, teachers & journalists (like dear Malay Bhowmic, Hasan Azizul Huq, Sanat Kumar Saha, SM Abu Bakor, AAMS Arefin Siddique, Muniruzzaman, Monjurul Ahsan Bulbul, Sohrab Hasan, Ahmed Jobaer etc ) as well as the beautiful and loving Bangladesh. I also miss my Rajshahi press club, the daily Sangbad, my friend William, young journalist friend Sumon and many others who are working in the fields of journalism and human rights. And also I miss my oppressed and voiceless people from my work area (Rajshahi region).
Hope, one day, peace will come there with prosperity, happiness and real democracy. In my exile life, I have security, peace but not the happiness. I hope also that, all the discrimination, corruptions, extra judicial killings, militancy-oppressions on the minority-indigenous, would be ended. My further hope is that, the trial of war criminals would be finished as per international norms and the real criminals of the war would be punished. Please pray for us.

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The human rights Today Report: Euro Bangla is an online Bengali newspaper. Euro Bangla is the new online Bengali newspaper from Germany. It has been running by an exile journalist-writer Jahangir Alam Akash. The Euro Bangla is for mainly minority and Indigenous rights, press freedom and human rights.
The Euro Bangla web address is http://www.eurobangla.org/
Dear readers please visit our new initiative. We would like to invite you please write your thinking in Eoro Bangla. We do beleive freedom of speech.
So we would like to uphold the freedom of speech. It is our top priority. It also working against all kinds of torture and extra judicially killings. The Euro Bangla wants to do an objective and neutral journalism. We would like to work for better Bangladesh, world and for peace, democracy.
Please visit our other initiative like http://youtube.com/user/jaakashbd
Please contact to the Eoro Bangla for your writings and comments.

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By Jahangir Alam Akash, In the night of 21 February 1952 at the gate of Rajshahi College Hostel near F-Block, a small Martyr-Monument was built by the language-soldiers. It was at left of the entrance of the Hostel. It was known as ‚Martyr-Memorial-Tower’. It ist he first Martyr-Monument of the country! Constructed by brick, mud and sand-earth, beneath was written the famous lnes of Worl-dpoet Rabindranath Tagore, ‚ Whose message we hear from the path of sunrise, don’t be afraid, have no fear, who sacrifices his life thoroughly, he never ends, he lives ever’.

But he Muslim league hooligans with the help of police raised to the ground before the sunrise of 22 February 1952. Later on another monument was built adjacent in the similar way. That was also demolished. Now a demand has been made to re-construct this monument and to declare it on state-level as the first ‚Maryr-Monument’ of the country. For this reason, the language-soldiers, cultural-workers and the progessive circle have decided to show respect to the martyrs on Language-Martyr-Day in this place where no Monnument now exists.

The leaders of the then Language-Movements have said that, the first Monument exists no more. It must be re-constructed. In the last year (2007) on second week of February, I contacted some Language-Soldiers and assembled them in this place. I wanted to broadcast a report in a private TV-Chanel (recently-closed) and made the recordings of their memories. Those who came in the Rajshahi Govt. College Hostel, amongst them were: prominent Advocate Gholam Arif Tipu, Saiduddin Ahmed and Abul Hossain. From these political leaders of all progressive movements including that language, we came to know the history of the making of Martyr-Monument at the gate of of the then Rajshahi College Hostel. In the language movement, with Capital Dhaka, the contributions of the old traditional city, Rajshahi had also important contributions. On 21 February 1952, students in Dhaka decided to submit memorendum with the deamd fort he recognition of Bengali as state-language. Govt. proclaimed 144. Students disobeyed and made processions on the streets. Random shots were made to them by Police. Many were died and injured. In the evening came this news in Rajshahi. Around 9-00 p.m. at night (21.02.1952), a students meeting was held in Rajshahi College Hostel.

From the then representative of the students community of Rajshahi, present were: Late Dr. S.M.A. Gaffar, (now famous Advocate) Gholam Arif Tipu, Momtajuddin Ahmed (prominent dramatist and actor), Habibur Rahman (Gurudaspur, Natore), Abul Hossain (present President of Rajshahi united cultural qualitions), Saiduddin Ahmed (now physically ill), Abdur Rajjak (Ex VP of RUCSU and now prominent Advocate) and others. A Studtents Action Committe was formed. President was the then student of Rajshahi Medical College, SMA Gaffar. Jointly Secretaries were Gholam Arif Tipu and Habibur Rahman. On the memory of the the dead students in Dhaka by Police firings, in that night, a decision was taken to erect one ‚Martyr-Monument-Tower’. From different places of Rajshahi, bricks and muds were collected and throughout whole night they constructed it. The members of the students action committe were busy to collect funds for the movement. So it could not be re-constructed in those days.

On the decision of on 21 February 1952 evening held students meeting, this Monument was built. Police and Muslim League ruffians demolished it. No re-construction was followed till now. Not only the language-soldiers, but everybody wants that this Monument must be preserved and re-constructed with the state-recognition. Rajshahi leaders of language movement claim this as to bet he first Memeorial-Monument of its kind in the country. February 2008

Jahangir Alam Akash
The Human Rights Today

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By Jahangir Alam Akash, Impunity has its peak now in Bangladesh. The violations of humanrights are increasing rapidly because of the impunity. Even those who protest, they are harassed. Killing-torture, murder, rape, killings extra judiciary are day to day affairs now. Although Humanrights Commission and Judiciary has been separated, but against those who have violated humanrights, no effective measures have yet been taken. Army is misusing the judiciary. Bangladesh is now very dangerous for the Journalists and Humanrights-workers. Everyday they are intimidated. Even ome learned teachers were not exempted from Army-tortures. Professors were taken from their houses with eyes and faces tied up to the Army camps and how they were tortured there, that has passed the records upheld in 1971 war of liberation!
After 11 January change of government, bails were very much hard to obtain from the courts. But since few days, granting of the bails have been increased from the same courts.
It seems from the situation that the crisis of image which existed during the reign of terror under the BNP-Jamat qualition government, attempts are being made again from the highest level of the present government to restore (!) that! The editor-publisher of progessive national daily Jonokontho Mr. Atiqullah Khan Masud has been detained in a dark cell of a Jail. Without fare-trial, this brave freedom fighter was sentenced on more than one cases, it is complained. National and international appeals were made for his release but the interim Govt. did not pay any heed. Although they have acquitted many big corrupts. Aremy controlled govt. has not taken any decision about Mr. Atiqullah Khan Masud. After the present democrativ govt. came into power Mr.Khan Masud was released.
Killers and torturers are not tried here. In the last 15 years about 29 Journalists, writers and humanrightsworkers have been murdered. No fare enquiry or trial was happened! Real killers and their Godfathers are still out of touch and catch. Army officers accused of killlings extra Judiciary are impuned! Journalists and humanrights-defenders are in great risk here. The Army or the govt- Officers who had arrested them and threatened them or tortured them, they are imouned by the state. Complains are not even enquired. So the state-tortures are increasing. From the 12 January 2007, the Emergency was for about 24 months. In Emergency, the basic human rights are postponed. So there is nothing like humanright in Bangladesh then. In the name of interim govt., actually Army has rulled under the curtain. Many torture incidences happened on the Journalists and humanrights-workers by Army, DGFI and RAB members as they had made investigating reports. Many have left the country, others are passing days in nightmares inside the country. No action was staken against the torturers. Rather some of them were sent to UNO Peacemission abroad.
Their crimes are awarded!
Impunity and Indemnity are nothing new in Bangladesh. After the killings of Father of the nation, Sk. Mujibar Rahman on 15 August 1975, the army personals who were responsible for this hinious murders, were freed through the Indemnity Act of the state. Not only that, the confessed army officers were rewarded and given higher posts and diplomatic jobs abroad. This was the beginning. The process is still going on.
As per Bangladesh constitution Para 35 (5) and through the UNO universal decree no. 5 tortures are totally prohibited. Not only torture, nobody could be treated inhumanly or cruelly. Each year on 26 June in Bangladesh and all over the world, in support of the torture-victims an international day is observed. Compensations for the physical and mental victims of torture are ensured by every country’s constitution. But in reality the victims are passing days with untold and undescribable miseries.
For my investigating reports, as a professional Journalist and humanrights-worker, I was also the victim of Army elite force, Rapid Action Batellion/RAB. Besides the complains against me under the charges of 16(2) of 2007, three fake cases on ‚extortions’ were filed against me. I was not only physically assaulted. I and my family had been under constant mental harassments.
During BNP-Jamat qualition government, on the independence day of Bangladesh, 26 March 2004, the Elite Force, Rapid Action Batellion or RAB has started its operations. After itst birth, RAB has been killing persons in the name of Crossfire or Encounter. From the beginning to March 2008, only by RAB 540 were victims of killings extra Judiciary. In a Humanrights-report it is said that from January 2008 to June, through crossfires and encounters, the law and order authorities have killed 68 persons. At the same time 15 have died under police custody. At the end of May 2008 government through Army and Police organised special operations and within one month, arrested 50 thousands and 215 persons. Government did not take care of any rules or regulations and underwent with this massarrests. Another Report says, in 2007 within the custodies of RAB. Police and other law and order agencies, 184 persons were killed in so-called crossfire or encounter. From 16 October 2002 to 9 January 2003, through the operation ‚cleanheart’, 58 were killed and 11,000 persons were injured by the tortures of the joint forces. Out of these 11 thousands, eight thousands were innocents! But there was no trial for this indiscrepency! In 2003, in Parliament through Indemnity, the accused Army officers on the charges of tortures were acquitted by state. Against many Army officers of Bangladesh now working in UNO Peace Forces, there are allegations of direct tortures and distinct complains of the violations of humanrights. Dr. Mijanur Rahman Tutul, President of banned Purbo Bangla Communist Party (M L-L red flag) was killed in crossfire by Police on the morning of 27 July 2008 at Raninagar, Naogaon. On 25 July, Dr. Tutul was arrested from a house in Uttora, Dhaka by RAB-1 members. In the evening of 26 July the old mother (80) of Dr. Tutul appealed to the President of Bangladesh through the Journalists for the life of her son. She demanded if her son had done any crime, he should be treated under the existing laws of the country.
DGFI-members, much discussed during this government have caused the violation of humanrights shamelessly through the tortues on Journalists. Journalist-humanrights worker Tasnim Khalil wrote some reports on the violations of humanrights. DGFI arrested and took him to the Army Camp. He was mercilessly tortured. Being compelled, leaving the country, he is now living in Sweden. About the killing of Indigenious Cholesh Richil and Municipality Commissioner of Char Fashon Khabirul Islam Dulal who was killed under the custody of the Army, the assaults on NGO worker Shahidul Islam, Govt. did nothing, and took no action against the persons responsible. Who from the Army have tortured Journalist Tasnim, to identify them, is no difficult matter. But for the impunity, govt. will take no action against the Army. On 20th August on a triffle matter which started with a football game in Dhaka Stadium, Army took drastic actions and because of their exaggerations, cuntry-wide agitations and studetnts-movements began. It turned into people’s upheaval quickly. On the charges of breaking Emergeny Acts, more than one dosen teachers of DU and RU, and a huge number of students were arrested and cases were lodged against them. On the teachers and students, RAB Army members tortured with unparallel degree. Many teachers, students were sentenced without any fare trial. Teachers were released on peoples demands. But against some DU teachers, still some cases are hanging.
The chief witness of much discussed murder of Ahsanullah Master of Ghazipur, Shumon Ahmed was killed in crossfire. There was no trial. RAB members in Rajshahi beat and killed Ward-President of Workers Party Kamrul Islam alias Majnu Sk on the complain of so-called kidnapping. As Shorbohara terrorist, Chatraleague leader Ahsan Habib Babu was killied by RAB openly through brushfire. They killed the prominent businessman, Ali Jafar Babu of Rajshahi in his office. No RAB officer was tried although 2 separate cases to killl Ahsan Habib and Majnu Sk. Were filed. RAB has killed many AL, BNP, Shorbohara, Terrorists, Chatraleague and workers party workers but till today no Militant terrorist (Islamist) has been reported to be killed in crossfire or encounter by them. It shows, law of the country is not for all. State is creating willingly disparity to somebody. Police is also impuned like RAB and Army. On 16 April in Chittagong Stadium while a Cricket game was going on, without any provocation, Deputy Police Akbar and his Police force attacked journalists. Including the aged photographer journalist (65) Zahirul Hoq, Shah Shamsul Hoq Tenku, 19 journalists were wounded. No action was taken agaist the police. There are hundreds of such examples!
If any one dies under the law and order-custody, it is a great default for the state. If humanrights is violated, victims demand justice from the state. But when state itself violets? Through impunity makes the responsible for the murders extra Judiciary free from justice. Including Impunity ordinance all other such indemnity Acts must be abolished. So justice can be guaranteed for all sorts of crimes. Against Militants severe actions must be taken to ensure social harmony.Terror can’t stop terror. (December, 2009)

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