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For the last two decades Jahangir Alam Akash has been writing intensively and courageously on the matters of Islamic Militancy, extra judicial killings, state-persecution, tortures on religious minority and indigenous people, corruption, political terrorism, the women-mishandling and last not the least for the common and helpless people who suffer without rights and justice. As a school boy he has entered the domain of journalism due to his conscious realization of the superstitions of the society, corruption, injustice, lawlessness and affliction of strong over weak. His mission is to attract the attention of social and governmental machneries for the healing of these humiliations. Taking enormous risks for his own life he is advancing onwards with the strong belief to establish democracy, peace, human-rights, equality, fraternity and for a secular society. Akash is strong in mind for an independent people’s media: Owing to this he has become victim of harassments and tortures many times by the state, Islamic militarism, independence-opposing circle, opportunist political groups and corrupt-gangs. Attempts were made to stop him through cases, physical attacks and Threats. On professional causes, with fictitious political and exasperated charges he was imprisoned two times so far. But he could not be tamed. He is writing till now as before. He was born in far north of Bangladesh where Himalaya begins. His birth place is Panchagharh. His parents are father, Shafiuddin Ahmed and mother, Sahida Khatun.They are 5 brothers and 3 sisters. Journalism is his profession and addiction! He has passed the Bachelor of Arts (B.A. honors) and Master of Arts (M.A.) in Philosophy from Rajshahi University. From the same University he obtained the degree of post-graduation in civic-journalism from Mass Communication and Journalism. He worked for the International media German Radio (Deutsche Welle) in Bengali section (as a freelancer), in The daily Sangbad (oldest Bengali newspaper of Bangladesh) and in CSB News, the first 24 hours TV-Channel of Bangladesh and for Ekushey Television as Reporter. He took also the special trainings on TV and Radio, Newspaper and Online journalism from home and abroad. His many works on human rights were much praised. He attended various workshops on Journalism and Human Rights in Asia and Europe. Presently he is editing the online newspaper „Euro Bangla“.This absolutely deals in press freedom, peace, minority-Indigenous and human rights. The spectral of his works: Daily Sangbad, Daily Bangla, Daily Banglar Bani, Ajker Kagoj, Radio German Deutsche Welle,, The new Nation, The Newsday, The Morning Sun, Ekushey TV, CSB News from Rajshahi of Bangladesh. He was also attached with Associated Press of Bangladesh, the Editor online Newspaper, Daily Tista, Daily Uttar Bangla. From 2004 to 2008, he worked as Free-lance Correspondent of German Radio Deutsche Welle from the Rajshahi Area of Bangladesh. He was the first journalist who was first covered as investigative reporting on the activities of Islamic Militants and extra judicial killings in Bangladesh and drew the attentions of national and international media. On these grounds he became the target of State and Militancy. He got the ‚International Human rights-day prize of 2008’ sponsored by the the private organization, Christian Development Alternative as a recognition of his courageous journalism and his special contributions towards the human rights. His research against the Islamic-Militants and fearless journalism, he got the ‚Nongor Shahitya Puroshkar (Anchor-Literary Award) in 2005. His Bengali books are: ‚Andhokare 15 Ghanta (15 hours in total Darkness)’, ‚Bichar Bohirbhuto Hattyakando ebong Pritihingsha (Extra judicial killings and revenge’, ‚Jongi Godfather o Annanya Prooshongo, (Militant Godfather and others)’ and ‚Udichi Theke Pilkhana (From Udichi to Pilkhana). Akash's English books are "Struggle for Peace" and "Away from Home". His latest book in English is "PAIN" has been published from USA (http://www.amazon.de/Pain-Jahangir-Alam-Akash/dp/1456858025). During the past interim-Government of Bangladesh an unusual Rule of Emergency went on. He became then a combined victim of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), Army and a vicious politically influential circle. He was arrested unlawfully and put to inhuman tortures. In the Rajshahi Central Jail he passed 28 dark-days. After release, facing incessant threats to his life, he was forced to leave the country. As a politically oppressed journalist, he has came to Germany, and now he is living in exile in Europe. with his family. He was the elected General Secretary of Rajshahi University Press Club and Rajshahi Journalists Union and also an executive member of Bangladesh Federal Journalists Union (BFUJ), the highest organ of Journalists. Apart from this, he was the Publicity Secretary of Rajshai District Udichi, the forerunner cultural Association of Bangladesh. He has traveled to many country including Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, India, France, Norway and Hong Kong etc.

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