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Jahangir Alam Akash: It is a duty of any state to give the security of the citizens. In spite of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina told that, ‘it is not possible to guard bedrooms of someone”. Hasina got burst against journalist unity after the brutal killing of a journalist couple. Unfortunate and shameful speech from the mouth of the Prime Minister. But her government has failed to find the reason and killers of latest journalist killing event. On the other hand, the highest court of Bangladesh has given an ordered to stop journalism on recently happened of two journalist killings. We really are shocked of her speech. How she could say that all clues of journalist killing were destroyed due to huge gathering of journalists on the killing spot? Her speech is very cruel against justice and responsibility.
However, a TV journalist couple have been brutally killed early on 11 February in their bedroom in the capital of Bangladesh. The killed journalists were very popular. They are Sagar Sarwar and Meherun Runi. They worked at the energy sector. Sagar was a news editor of the private TV channel Masranga. Runi was a senior journalist of the private TV channel ATN.
A total of 31 journalists have been killed since 1984, including Sagar-Runi’s murder in Bangladesh. But the family members of the murder journalists never get justice. Still they are waiting to see the light of justice. There is no proper investigation of the killings of journalists, yet.
Mahir Sarowar Megh is the only son of Sagar-Runi. He is the only eye witness of the brutal killing of his parents. Sagar suffered 28 stabs wounds and Runi five before they breathed their last. The murderers stabbed 28 times Sagar. According to the morgue sources were six in the chest, two imagen, three in the neck, 15 in the back and one on the thigh. During the autopsy, a small knife (which had about a four-inch blade) found fixed in the right side of the chest. Almost the entire blade stuck in his body. The width of a few sticks were found to be around two and half inches while the width of the others were about two inches and one inch. The killers made ​​two close sticking in Meherun Runi abdomen. They also stabbed her under the eyebrows.
The police could not arrest anyone in this connecion yet. They could not find the reason of the killings as well. The journalists of the country are continuing to protest against these killings and to the safety of the lives of journalists. But the prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina has said that it is not possible for the government to provide security in the bedroom of the citizens. On the other hand, the Supreme Court of Bangladesh issued an ordered against journalism on Sagar Runis murder case.
There is no doubt that, a large number of journalists killings have taken place with the help of political support. Multi-faceted crime syndicates always get political support. Various crime organisations have developed around different business arenas. These organizations are a source of finance for political powers. Journalists fall prey to terrorists and criminals, while writing about these syndicates. As a result of this, even if the killers at the field level are identified, the main conspirators who run the show remain hidden. The murders are not investigated properly due to the undemocratic practices. If the police can work independently then I’m sure we can find huge developments. We also believes that partisan journalism is one of the main reasons for the journalist killings. Today journalists are known by their political affiliation and this is increasing the risk to their profession and life. Journalists need to be united in order to prevent these killings. Although it appears that all journalists have unified in protest of Sagar-Runi’s murder, the question remains as to how long this unity will last.
No one is yet clear of the reasons behind the sensational journalist killing. We do hope that the killers of all journalists and other killings are brought to justice.
The state should provide all kinds of security to all citizens of our motherland. The killers should be apprehended immediately and be punished. Our heartiest condolences to Megh and to family members of all killed journalists. Hasina should apologize to the people for her inhuman speech! Grand alliance government of Hasina should arrest the killers and disclose the reasons behind this horrific murder without any late. Picture from Facebook and google


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