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Jahangir Alam Akash: Mr. AHM Khairuzzaman Liton. He is the mayor of Rajshahi in Bangladesh. His father was a national leader who killed in prison in 1975. In this new year on 6 January, he sent a request of friend to me on Facebook. I did not recognition of friendship in a logistical reason. Why did not I do that, then you to judge after reading this article. I want to share just some things you just as did Mayor Liton. He sent the friend request me with a new name. I discovered it after getting the request that there is another Facebook account to Liton. All other family members of Liton were Muslim League supporters, except AHM Kamaruzzaman, fathers of Liton.

Matter is not it. Now Mr. Liton is very powerful politician (not in the popularity or democratic values). He is the shadow General Secretary of “Rajshahi City Awami League” (ruling party). His cousin name is Omar Faruk Chowdhury is the General Secretary of “Rajshahi District Awami League”. Mr. Chowdhury is also a member of parliament. The first May of 2001, he was registered with “Awami League”. Before that he was not in “Awami League. Mother to Chowdhury is a powerful leader of the “Jammat-e-Islam Bangladesh” (a political party of war criminals). It’s not my words, people talks about it sometimes. Changing political think is not a new issue in Bangladesh. It is very common there, especially in the two major parties, some of the leaders do it often. Another uncle of Mayor Liton is Mahafujul Alam Loton. He was also register with the “Awami League” in 2001 along with Chowdhury. Now he is vice president of “Rajshahi City Awami League”. Government party in Rajshahi are possessions of Litons family now! It was a long desire to Liton and his cousin to catch the local party leadership. Now fulfilled their dream. It is also not a new practice in Bangladesh. Prime Minister of Bangladesh Hasina and her party were surrendered into the conspiracy of two brothers. Hasina and her party removed Tajul Islam Mohammad Faruque from the president of “Rajshahi District Awami League” without any reason. They didn´t take the democratic way to do it. But he was an elected president by the open vote. Mr. Tajul Islam also was elected as the parliamentary representative in 1991 from “Awami League”. Over a period of more than four decades, he is in “Awami League” continuously. But I’m not disappointed about to removed him. Because it is not new in Bangladesh.

Power, politics and money is a powerful stone in the breast of the people. But I am optimistic, the people, especially the young generation will not have to wait a long time. They should be united for the beloved homeland. United humanistic young power hammer will be broken stone of evil. The hammer of the humanities of the young men will turn the evil stone, the hammer is very device now. It is not far from reality. Because of back pain and anxiety went up to the wall. The recent election of Naraynngonj and Comilla is the blast of the affected people. Although, Hasina lost people support by these two elections. But she did not take any lesson from there. The selfish, undemocratic, opportunistic and praise, she is keeping up to date. Hasina even themselves are in this cycle now. We do not need to say anything about the party of Khaleda here. People who are sekular and faith to fight for freedom has more hope or expectation to Hasina and her party.

If the eyes of Hasina would look to what people want, would be better for her own. I do not want the price to increase. I think that Mr. Liton is not interested to make friend with me, he wants to fear and threat me mentally. So he sent me the request. Of course, it is possible to say have a reason. He has many facebook friends in this country where I live now. They are also very important person here. Maybe he thinks that people should be helping him to fear me. He forgot that it is not Bangladesh! This country is a country of human rights, peace, democracy and safety country.After received the request from Liton, I answered him. Now I would like to share it with you as I wrote, as it is.

“Mr. AHM khairuzzaman liton, greetings. You have sent a request to become a friend on Facebook with me. No, I’m not surprised for it. Because you can do everything. You can plan to kill the journalist, conspiracy against Hasina during the emergency. When Hasina returned to power once again to become the favorite of Hasina. You threatened to kill the Chairman of “Rajshahi Education Board,” Professor Dipak. When you wanted your child into a good result by force. No, this is not my word. It published a famous English newspaper in Bangladesh, the newspaper called “Daily Star”. How disturbed and threatened you to Dr. Dipak? I’m sure you can remember it now, that made you. As a representative you travel to many countries with money from the people, which they earned by hard work.

You are also a mayor of a country in the third World, which is a developing and poor country. Can you say what is the difference between the mayor of Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria and Bangladesh? What is your lifestyle? Perhaps you understand now. Many differences between you and them, I think. Of course you understand, but you are not in practice there in the home country. The mayors of Europe live in a very normal life like other people. Just seeing them is no reason to understand that they are the mayor. Some of the mayor bikes to the market or to the office. People can contact them at any time. But what you do in practice in Bangladesh? The mayors of the largest democratic and non-discrimination countries can live with normal life. You can not do it. Because you do not believe in democracy and has not tolerance, after all. In addition there is corruption, discrimination in all areas. The politicians killing democracy (not all politicians, some exceptions) in Bangladesh every day in many ways.

You know that, just for you, your uncle Loton, Major Rashid and RAB (Rapid Action Batta Lian) I was forced to leave my country. You wanted to kill me.
I was hung and blindfoldedfor 15 hours in the torture camp. Army tortured me with inhumanly. I have yet symptom in my body. But I had no guilty. I talked about secularism, democracy, equality, minority and indigenous rights, children and women’s rights and against corruption, terrorism, militancy. In Bangladesh, I did journalism for the people, especially for the oppressed and voiceless people. I did rally with a cover of dead cloth against terrorism when Hasina was attacked in 2004. Was it my fault? So why you punished and wanted to kill me with injustice? I was looking on facebook and found two accounts of you. Another account has your facebook with real names (AHM Khairuzzaman Liton). You sent me a friend request from Khaire Zaman. I have no problem to friendship with you. And I do not like the revenge. But I have a question for you. Prior to friendship with you, I hear answer why you wanted to kill me? I want to hear a transparent and honest answers from you about my question.
Why you made false cases against me which were filed by the after of rapist, killer, terrorists and other criminal? Who was the benefited of that? I can answer. It is corrupsjonist, killer, criminal, rapist was advantageous. Now reporters are in panic those can not write real reporting on corruption, terrorism. You were successful in this way. You were breaking up the courage of journalists by tortured me. Although if someone writes against corruption they may kill or kidnap or even go under the secret killing. Thease are very common in Bangladesh now. I look forward to hearing from you a real and honest answers to my questions. Photo caption. AHM Khairuzzaman Liton is taking flowers from an extremist group (2008).


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