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Jahangir Alam Akash ॥ Norway is around by hill, mountain and sea. A dark paint has been drawn by the 22 July on the beautiful chest of Norway. A wave of blood has flowing on the chest of the capital and nice island Utøya on that day of this year. 92 people have been killed by bombing and firearmes.
That attack was upon the generation, peace and democracy. All of the killed young people were meritorious and politically conscious who have killed at Utøya. The future Prime Minister of Norway was among the victims may have. For ever this black day (22 July) will be returned every year of the life of every Norwegian. But the killed young’s would not returned never-ever. Norway have lost them. I don’t know how the mothers of the killed friends would be bear this pain! My believe, the soul of the young patriot friends who secrifised their lives would get peace.
This is the first big pain in the chest of most peaceful country of the world Norway after the Second World War. The peace friend people of Norway is like a stone with great shoked. Normally, the Norwegian police doesn’t use arms while they are in duty. In this envoirnment being a Norwegian can take of many lives by using weapon. It was not imaginable for the administration or for the people of Norway. Norway is a lovely country of peace, democracy, human rights and harmony. This attacked was not by any Islamic militant group? A 32 year-old youth who himself an Christian, is the against of multi-culture theory in Europe. Maybe it’s a signal to the ruling establishment by the extremists thinkers those who are dislikes the multiculturalism in Europe!
This extremist thinker has created pains on the minds of Norwegian. But why? Cruelty, crimes against humanity must never be able to establish any doctrine. The extremism cannot be tolarrense in any aspect. Whatever it’s come from Christian or Islam? There is no education of extremism from any religion of the Earth.
However, Norwegian people are shoked, today. Whole heart of the people of Norway have giving hate to the murderer. The weaves of the people are floating on the streets of Norway, by ignoring the bad weather. But no one does not feel any animity, revenge or a desire to get any revenge. The people are making unity more and more. They are distributing love by giving the roses. There is no bad discussion regarding killer Anders Behring Breivik in Norway. The election champaign is going on in Norway in a different mood in this year. There is also no party those who are making any political game on this event. What a great lesson or culture or education! What a great lesson or culture or education! But if it would be happened in Bangladesh then we could be seen different picture.
I can’t sleep well after this bad event of Oslo and Utøya. My heart has been broken and got a deep shoked. Evil, bad power will surely be destroy by the light of candle, flowers and unity of people. Solidarity of the people, love and humanity must be won. Norway will again get return the energy of light of peace to radiation. “Peace, Love, Tolerense” are could be able to make/build a new world where would have no discrimination, war, poverty and other evil activity. It is our dream and which has Norway been showing to the World since after the second world war. We hope and believe that finally peace and humanity would be won!Picture from Internet Google. Writer:- Editor of Euro Bangla, is an online newspaper on peace and human rights. (http://www.eurobangla.org/),(http://penakash.wordpress.com/) (editor.eurobangla@yahoo.de)


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