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Euro Bangla (http://www.eurobangla.org/) wouldn’t published in Bengali language. From now Euro Bangla would be published in English. But not from today. Now we are under processing to publish in English. It takes some days to develop the system. We would like to apologize to our valuable readers, writers and the well wishers for our new decision. Euro Bangla (http://www.eurobangla.org/) want to do effective of our struggling for the press freedom, democracy, peace and of course human rights in the international community. Hope all cooperation and support we would get from you. We always fighting for the minority-indigenous rights, women-children rights, freedom of speech, freedom of liberty-life, democracy, peace and human rights. We promised to uphold the human rights. We don’t have any particular political views. But we are very much secular. We opposed all kinds of extremism, death penalty, religious militancy, extra judicial killings, racism, discrimination etc.


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