Jahangir Alam Akash: Early in the morning of the 11 February this year, a married couple brutally murdered in their own bedrooms. The murder happened in front of their six years old son at their home in the capital Dhaka in Bangladesh. The couple both worked as Television journalists and program makers were popular. Man Sagar was killed with 28 stab wounds and his wife Runi died after being stabbed five times.

During the autopsy of Sagar saw that there was fixed a small knife in his right breast. Almost the entire blade of the knife had entered his body. Some of the knife thrusts were measured to be around two and a half inch wide. Runi were fatal knife was ticking in the abdomen. In addition, she also has two deep stab wounds under his eyebrows. The murder of the two TV journalists were investigated, but police have not yet arrested any of the murderers. Neither the motive for the killings to find.

Sagar worked as news editor of the private TV channel Masranga and Runi was a senior journalist with the private TV channel ATN Bangla. The couple were working in the energy sector.

Since 1984 it killed 43 journalists, including the famous writer Humayun Azad of Bangladesh. Journalists all over Bangladesh have protested against the killings and for the journalists live in insecurity. They believe that the killings of journalists are not investigated thoroughly enough, and this is not fair to the surviving family members.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina reacted with anger on journalists’ protests and said that most journalists were killed before she became Prime Minister. She also believed that it is not possible for the government to provide security for citizens in their bedrooms.

In fact, there are also some journalists who agree with the Prime Minister in her speech. Last month was a Bangladeshi journalist on a visit to Oslo. He stated, “In my country there are one hundred percent freedom of the press,” but at the same time he said it was committed abuses against journalists in Bangladesh. After his speech, three photojournalists were stopped on the street and tortured by the police. At the same time terrorists attacked a news agency and two journalists and an employee was seriously injured. Another journalist Jamaluddin killed in Jessore. Lastly some journalists have been tortured at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

What this so-called “journalist” says is not consistent with what is happening in today’s Bangladesh. Therefore it is natural to ask the question, is this man representative of the journalists in Bangladesh? Or he can be an emissary for the authorities in Bangladesh? Picture-Prothom Alo taken from Face Book.

An online english newspaper “EURO BANGLA” has been hacked. On 24 June this year happened it. Who and why did it is not identified yet.Euro Bangla is about human rights. There is no business motive of Euro Bangla. Euro Bangla (EB) worked totally on human rights issues. In 2010 EB started from Germany. Within short time EB got popularity. EB is an individual initiative. The exile journalist Jahangir Alam Akash running this online newspaper as editor.
Editor of Euro Bangla told, “Lastly we uploaded a news on the killing of the journalists in Bangladesh.” That report wrote, “43 journalists and a famous writer have been killed in Bangladesh since 1984. Hundreds journalists have been tortured also. “
Euro Bangla’s editor told, “Before Euro Bangla, we lost another online newspaper “Human Rights Today”. Those who are involved to hack Euro Bangla they don’t beleive in freedom of speech and democracy. We spent huge money to establish Euro Bangla.”
Why the cyber criminals trying to stop the Pen of journalist Akash? Journalist Akash told, “No one can stop me and my activity. Because I am trying to do for people specially for the voiceless people and their rights.”

Jahangir Alam Akash: The Holocaust was one of the greatest black spot of the world history. Six million Jews were killed by the Hitler Government of Germany. Nobel Prize winner Günter Grass wrote a new poem called “What must be said.”
It creates positive and negative storm throughout the world. The German author wrote about a big problem. That means he is not against Israel. But he has taken up the important issue that may break the world peace or may be making World War III, if Israel and Iran will attack each other. Truth can never be a threat.
Israel-Iran, Iran-Israel, Nobel Prize winner Günter Grass-World = USA! Where is peace and what would be happened in the world if they will not stop doing something against the people? We are not just for Israel, not only for Iran, we are for the whole world and of course we are inside of the world peace and the people.
The world needs a lot of peace and reducing poverty and solving the other problems that are important to have a better world and we need to think about creating a good economy for all countries of the world. To blame each and other will not be bringing any good things for the people.
We just need peace, peace and peace and we just want peace at any cost. So there is nothing to fight each other. The picture taken from the “Aftenposten”. So majority people think that Nobelist Guenter Grass is a symbol of conscience in this world while many other Nobelists are still silent to say something about truth or in favor of the peace.
We don´t need any more silent intellectual in this world. Truth is never be a dangerous thing. It is more important to remove the poverty and to solution the climate change problem than to create a new war in this world. We hope that the world leaders could be understand it! Picture from Aftenposten

Jahangir Alam Akash: It is a duty of any state to give the security of the citizens. In spite of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina told that, ‘it is not possible to guard bedrooms of someone”. Hasina got burst against journalist unity after the brutal killing of a journalist couple. Unfortunate and shameful speech from the mouth of the Prime Minister. But her government has failed to find the reason and killers of latest journalist killing event. On the other hand, the highest court of Bangladesh has given an ordered to stop journalism on recently happened of two journalist killings. We really are shocked of her speech. How she could say that all clues of journalist killing were destroyed due to huge gathering of journalists on the killing spot? Her speech is very cruel against justice and responsibility.
However, a TV journalist couple have been brutally killed early on 11 February in their bedroom in the capital of Bangladesh. The killed journalists were very popular. They are Sagar Sarwar and Meherun Runi. They worked at the energy sector. Sagar was a news editor of the private TV channel Masranga. Runi was a senior journalist of the private TV channel ATN.
A total of 31 journalists have been killed since 1984, including Sagar-Runi’s murder in Bangladesh. But the family members of the murder journalists never get justice. Still they are waiting to see the light of justice. There is no proper investigation of the killings of journalists, yet.
Mahir Sarowar Megh is the only son of Sagar-Runi. He is the only eye witness of the brutal killing of his parents. Sagar suffered 28 stabs wounds and Runi five before they breathed their last. The murderers stabbed 28 times Sagar. According to the morgue sources were six in the chest, two imagen, three in the neck, 15 in the back and one on the thigh. During the autopsy, a small knife (which had about a four-inch blade) found fixed in the right side of the chest. Almost the entire blade stuck in his body. The width of a few sticks were found to be around two and half inches while the width of the others were about two inches and one inch. The killers made ​​two close sticking in Meherun Runi abdomen. They also stabbed her under the eyebrows.
The police could not arrest anyone in this connecion yet. They could not find the reason of the killings as well. The journalists of the country are continuing to protest against these killings and to the safety of the lives of journalists. But the prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina has said that it is not possible for the government to provide security in the bedroom of the citizens. On the other hand, the Supreme Court of Bangladesh issued an ordered against journalism on Sagar Runis murder case.
There is no doubt that, a large number of journalists killings have taken place with the help of political support. Multi-faceted crime syndicates always get political support. Various crime organisations have developed around different business arenas. These organizations are a source of finance for political powers. Journalists fall prey to terrorists and criminals, while writing about these syndicates. As a result of this, even if the killers at the field level are identified, the main conspirators who run the show remain hidden. The murders are not investigated properly due to the undemocratic practices. If the police can work independently then I’m sure we can find huge developments. We also believes that partisan journalism is one of the main reasons for the journalist killings. Today journalists are known by their political affiliation and this is increasing the risk to their profession and life. Journalists need to be united in order to prevent these killings. Although it appears that all journalists have unified in protest of Sagar-Runi’s murder, the question remains as to how long this unity will last.
No one is yet clear of the reasons behind the sensational journalist killing. We do hope that the killers of all journalists and other killings are brought to justice.
The state should provide all kinds of security to all citizens of our motherland. The killers should be apprehended immediately and be punished. Our heartiest condolences to Megh and to family members of all killed journalists. Hasina should apologize to the people for her inhuman speech! Grand alliance government of Hasina should arrest the killers and disclose the reasons behind this horrific murder without any late. Picture from Facebook and google

Jahangir Alam Akash: Mr. AHM Khairuzzaman Liton. He is the mayor of Rajshahi in Bangladesh. His father was a national leader who killed in prison in 1975. In this new year on 6 January, he sent a request of friend to me on Facebook. I did not recognition of friendship in a logistical reason. Why did not I do that, then you to judge after reading this article. I want to share just some things you just as did Mayor Liton. He sent the friend request me with a new name. I discovered it after getting the request that there is another Facebook account to Liton. All other family members of Liton were Muslim League supporters, except AHM Kamaruzzaman, fathers of Liton.

Matter is not it. Now Mr. Liton is very powerful politician (not in the popularity or democratic values). He is the shadow General Secretary of “Rajshahi City Awami League” (ruling party). His cousin name is Omar Faruk Chowdhury is the General Secretary of “Rajshahi District Awami League”. Mr. Chowdhury is also a member of parliament. The first May of 2001, he was registered with “Awami League”. Before that he was not in “Awami League. Mother to Chowdhury is a powerful leader of the “Jammat-e-Islam Bangladesh” (a political party of war criminals). It’s not my words, people talks about it sometimes. Changing political think is not a new issue in Bangladesh. It is very common there, especially in the two major parties, some of the leaders do it often. Another uncle of Mayor Liton is Mahafujul Alam Loton. He was also register with the “Awami League” in 2001 along with Chowdhury. Now he is vice president of “Rajshahi City Awami League”. Government party in Rajshahi are possessions of Litons family now! It was a long desire to Liton and his cousin to catch the local party leadership. Now fulfilled their dream. It is also not a new practice in Bangladesh. Prime Minister of Bangladesh Hasina and her party were surrendered into the conspiracy of two brothers. Hasina and her party removed Tajul Islam Mohammad Faruque from the president of “Rajshahi District Awami League” without any reason. They didn´t take the democratic way to do it. But he was an elected president by the open vote. Mr. Tajul Islam also was elected as the parliamentary representative in 1991 from “Awami League”. Over a period of more than four decades, he is in “Awami League” continuously. But I’m not disappointed about to removed him. Because it is not new in Bangladesh.

Power, politics and money is a powerful stone in the breast of the people. But I am optimistic, the people, especially the young generation will not have to wait a long time. They should be united for the beloved homeland. United humanistic young power hammer will be broken stone of evil. The hammer of the humanities of the young men will turn the evil stone, the hammer is very device now. It is not far from reality. Because of back pain and anxiety went up to the wall. The recent election of Naraynngonj and Comilla is the blast of the affected people. Although, Hasina lost people support by these two elections. But she did not take any lesson from there. The selfish, undemocratic, opportunistic and praise, she is keeping up to date. Hasina even themselves are in this cycle now. We do not need to say anything about the party of Khaleda here. People who are sekular and faith to fight for freedom has more hope or expectation to Hasina and her party.

If the eyes of Hasina would look to what people want, would be better for her own. I do not want the price to increase. I think that Mr. Liton is not interested to make friend with me, he wants to fear and threat me mentally. So he sent me the request. Of course, it is possible to say have a reason. He has many facebook friends in this country where I live now. They are also very important person here. Maybe he thinks that people should be helping him to fear me. He forgot that it is not Bangladesh! This country is a country of human rights, peace, democracy and safety country.After received the request from Liton, I answered him. Now I would like to share it with you as I wrote, as it is.

“Mr. AHM khairuzzaman liton, greetings. You have sent a request to become a friend on Facebook with me. No, I’m not surprised for it. Because you can do everything. You can plan to kill the journalist, conspiracy against Hasina during the emergency. When Hasina returned to power once again to become the favorite of Hasina. You threatened to kill the Chairman of “Rajshahi Education Board,” Professor Dipak. When you wanted your child into a good result by force. No, this is not my word. It published a famous English newspaper in Bangladesh, the newspaper called “Daily Star”. How disturbed and threatened you to Dr. Dipak? I’m sure you can remember it now, that made you. As a representative you travel to many countries with money from the people, which they earned by hard work.

You are also a mayor of a country in the third World, which is a developing and poor country. Can you say what is the difference between the mayor of Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria and Bangladesh? What is your lifestyle? Perhaps you understand now. Many differences between you and them, I think. Of course you understand, but you are not in practice there in the home country. The mayors of Europe live in a very normal life like other people. Just seeing them is no reason to understand that they are the mayor. Some of the mayor bikes to the market or to the office. People can contact them at any time. But what you do in practice in Bangladesh? The mayors of the largest democratic and non-discrimination countries can live with normal life. You can not do it. Because you do not believe in democracy and has not tolerance, after all. In addition there is corruption, discrimination in all areas. The politicians killing democracy (not all politicians, some exceptions) in Bangladesh every day in many ways.

You know that, just for you, your uncle Loton, Major Rashid and RAB (Rapid Action Batta Lian) I was forced to leave my country. You wanted to kill me.
I was hung and blindfoldedfor 15 hours in the torture camp. Army tortured me with inhumanly. I have yet symptom in my body. But I had no guilty. I talked about secularism, democracy, equality, minority and indigenous rights, children and women’s rights and against corruption, terrorism, militancy. In Bangladesh, I did journalism for the people, especially for the oppressed and voiceless people. I did rally with a cover of dead cloth against terrorism when Hasina was attacked in 2004. Was it my fault? So why you punished and wanted to kill me with injustice? I was looking on facebook and found two accounts of you. Another account has your facebook with real names (AHM Khairuzzaman Liton). You sent me a friend request from Khaire Zaman. I have no problem to friendship with you. And I do not like the revenge. But I have a question for you. Prior to friendship with you, I hear answer why you wanted to kill me? I want to hear a transparent and honest answers from you about my question.
Why you made false cases against me which were filed by the after of rapist, killer, terrorists and other criminal? Who was the benefited of that? I can answer. It is corrupsjonist, killer, criminal, rapist was advantageous. Now reporters are in panic those can not write real reporting on corruption, terrorism. You were successful in this way. You were breaking up the courage of journalists by tortured me. Although if someone writes against corruption they may kill or kidnap or even go under the secret killing. Thease are very common in Bangladesh now. I look forward to hearing from you a real and honest answers to my questions. Photo caption. AHM Khairuzzaman Liton is taking flowers from an extremist group (2008).

Jahangir Alam Akash: I have a favorite colleague Chapal Saha. The age he is much larger than me. We worked together for the first 24 hours News TV channel of Bangladesh. Today (23 September, 2011), he wrote a status on the social media Face Book. According to his writeup as it is, “we have a house. But we are not owned by it. What wonder! Act only for Hindus. Our property is vested. Who broke this black law? ”

In 1965, this black and discriminated law named as “enemy property act” was made. It is a black, discriminated, and extreme inhuman act. This law has deprived to a particular faith of religious people. After the independence of Bangladesh the name of this law had been changed from enemy property act to vested property act. Only for this law, the Hindu family lost their land and houses. But the law still has not been canceled.

We think that there is no mentality or the power or ability to cancel it in Bangladesh. Everyone has their own political interest. Different faith or politics are there, but the interest is same manner. At least from all the gross political parties (of course there are some minor exceptions, left party) influential opportunists grabbed land and houses of the Hindu people. There is an organization in Bangladesh which has branch in Europe and USA. Sometimes the sound of this organization serves to cancel the law. But the sound is biased. So, it is not useful after all. Leadership of that organization is full with political interest and divided by many groups. This picture can be seen in home and abroad.

So, how the justice or equality would come in front of the deprived and oppressed people or how justice will come forward? We do not know it. Maybe you can ask me, I am not an optimist! But I want to tell the truth which I like to say always. I worked and working and would be work to discover or publish the truth. I learned a theme from a Norwegian friend of mine that “Truth is never dangerous.” And it is also my ideology to say the truth.

If Sheikh Hasina and her Grand Alliance government wants to see the equal right for all people then they would cancelled this black law within their first two years. But the government’s two and a half years have already been passed, they didn’t. Now they are too busy to fill their term, and to come in power again. What is the welfare of the people I know it is not any issue of them?
The government of Khaleda-Nizami was tortured openly Begum Motia Chowdhury, Mohammad Nasim, Rashed Khan Menon and many other top leaders on the street. Now time has changed. But the picture is coming back on the eyes of the people as it was before. Government of Hasina has torturing to Joinal Abedin Faruque. Hasina and her intelligence – consultants perhaps do not want to see this picture as any wrong! On the other hand is still in the trial of war criminals. Maybe this is issue is to be hanging for coming election agenda. In fact, they are living of a foolish heaven! They forgot to care of Teeth in time. They are now roaring power.

However, it is the rights time to cancel the vested property act. After the cancelation of this law, the land and houses would be returned back to the original owner of the property and housing would be wise for Hasina government. The people believes that Khaleda never do this job. She and her party is the main shelter of War criminals (Jammat-Shibir). But why Hasina didn’t abolish this law? Is she doesn’t believe in secularism and non-discriminated state-law? Or she is blind on her flatters.

The minority and indigenous people are our friends or important to get votes from them when only the election comes. Just after election everything would be forgot by the politicians. Is possible to establish peace in any society by keeping unfair-discriminatory behavior? Our hope is that Hasina’s government would be taken an effective and truth initiatives to cancel the vested property law for promote the equality, justice and peace in Bangladesh.

Jahangir Alam Akash : This small girl is now almost fifty years old. She is a citizen of Norway which is one of the richest country of the world. Who are the parents, where are the sisters and brother? Bangladeshi born this women nothing to know it’s. Is anyone can denay the blood relation? Still she is looking her loving brother and sisters and also the parents. An unexpected black night of 25 March of 1971 had been drawn big black chapter on the heart of present Bangladesh. The enemy of Pakistan had attacked to the innocent people of bangladesh those who were in sleeping. Then, the people of Bangladesh had started struggling to get independence against Pakistan. That fight was for long nine months. Finally, the Pakistanee Army was surrendered to the combined freedom forces. But Bangladesh has been lost three million people and 200 thousands women had been degraded by the Pakistanee Army and their collaborators (Jammat-E-Islam Bangladesh) during the freedom fight. Many children are lost their parents and brother-sisters. Firosa is one of them.
It is a word of the morning of 16 December of 1971 while Bangladesh got her independency. A ambulanse of Redcross went to the “Katabon” area where the poor people were living. Many people were injured by the bullet in that place. The ambulanse had took the serious wonded people to the Hollyfamily hospital. Firosa also taken by the Redcross people to the same place. She was also injured. Maybe she was only 7 or 8 years old in that time.
According to the Bengali newspaper “Daily Bangla” (now this newspaper is dead, former Awami government has killed this newspaper), Firosa was injured in the night of 15 December of 1971. They are four sisters and a brother. Her another sister name is Rokeya. She didn’t remember her parents name. Are the father and mother of Firosa killed by the Pakistanee Army and their collaborators? Are her brother and sisters still alive? We don’t know. But our hope is that her parents and brother-sisters are still alive in Bangladesh.
On 12 March of 1972, she was adopted by a humanist of Norway. Peer Otto Svenkerud is from Elverum of Norway. This small city Elverum is not far from the Oslo. Mr. Peer has took her in Norway. Firosa is now adult and high educated. She has grownup as a child of Mr. Peer and his Nina Brigitte Svenkerud. Firosa never understand that she has been lost her parents and brother-sisters. But after she became adult the new parents have been informed her all her past history.
Recently, I met with another humanist Mr. Bjarne Johannes Kastnes who was working and living in Bangladesh for long time, especially during our freedom fight he was in Bangladesh. I think it is an opportunity to meet him and it made by Miss. Sigrid who is working at the Library of Tromsø. Mr. Bjarne is still doing a lot for the betterment of human rights in Bangladesh. He told, “Firosa will go to Bangladesh very soon to searching her parents and brother-sisters.
Many children like Firosa have been lost their parents and brother-sisters. But who are the responsible for that they are really war crimers. The trial of the warcriminals haven’t finish yet! Picture-Daily Bangla. Author: Jahangir Alam Akash, Editor of the online newspaper “Euro Bengla” is for Peace and Human Rights. (editor.eurobangla@yahoo.de), (http://www.eurobangla.org)

Jahangir Alam Akash: Human rights are an extensive and widespread matter. This concept is hundred percent universal. What can be imagination human rights, except the rights of food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education? Free from all bindings called human rights. It is a fundamental right and freedom. That is all people alike to enjoy the right to receive or maintain. Economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights are of all human rights.
There are significant human rights conditions in the eyes of the law are survival of freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom to work, freedom of cultural activities, freedom of food, religious freedom, and equal right for all. Misgovernment, inequality, lawlessness, injustice, indiscipline, corruption and even the name of religion the running extremism, terrorism, and many other ways including the autocratic mentality human rights are being jeopardized. Due to these causes the common people are right-less of country to country. By this product is increasing the procession of food, education, medical care and homeless people over the whole world.
In Asia, Africa, America and Europe everywhere to the world about human rights abuses is notable. The only difference is this – somewhere less than the impacts. In the line of human rights, Asia and Africa’s position are miserable than Europe or America. Many countries of Asia and Africa submerged under corruption. There is no real democracy in practice. There is also no scientific institutional education system and the development of the technology infrastructure for use. However, the impact of natural disasters, political unrest, dash, and division many negative symptoms are there in Bangladesh. Out of these, there is a violation of human rights by rich countries and alliances in the name of to protect people from the autocratic rulers.
Behind the protection of human rights, human rights are grabbing by both inter-and outer strength! The violators of human rights are taking shelter by various techniques. As a matter of human rights and universal human rights around the world today, the issue has become a public issue. Of course has a different meaning of it to the opportunist, corruption-power minded state leaders and their collaborator. The power, family and personal comfort are the major subjects of them.
The two sides are always active around human rights. One side is to protect the rights of human being, other side is the violator. In reality we see that, human rights are violating by both parts! Rising violence, indiscipline, injustice and many black laws are violating the human rights. In many countries, extra judicial killings are going on where there is no believe or practice to the democracy.
On the other side, the uses of firearms, bomb and ammunition are damaging innocent people’s lives. The women and children are not exemption from it. War is destroying city, port, civilization and culture. To be changing the living of lives. Destroy the environment. Society is going to lose the peace, and harmony. Who will be taken this responsibility?
However, use of the bomb and the weapon is never to protect the rights or lives. It does can only destroy the peace and human life. But the intellectual of the state runners doesn’t or can’t understand this easy matter. Sometimes, in the name of protecting human rights and peoples become their large aims to achieve economic interests and aggressions. Up to the exchange of interest for those days is no problem. Then, the autocratic leaders are good! Whenever the problems come regarding the interests then the leaders become very dangerous for the people and human rights. Is this theory compatible with universal human rights? That means they do not understand it!
People understand that, once upon a time the rulers of autocratic and human rights violator were best friend of some imperialist rulers. Extra judicial killings are not legal in the third world countries! Even kill to a terrorist is not legal there but if any country is from the first world killed to someone in extra judicially wouldn’t be a violation of human rights! Is this contradictory and discriminating behavior or doctrine can be established peace, human rights in the society, in the world? Funny thing is that, the formula of extra judicial killings is same in everywhere. It happened in third world or in the first world.
The main topic for discussion today is the human rights practice inside of my favorite motherland Bangladesh. There are many ways to oppressing the people, to violate the human rights and dignity. State, state forces, terrorist groups have a good role to become the violators of human rights. There are human rights unsuccessful as universality, human rights are divided by the politics or believe of politics. Human rights are defeated by the individual and his or her political ideology in Bangladesh. Some of the people are using human rights as the slope for personal and the political interest. If someone has effected unexpectedly for any private cause then he or she makes color on it as it’s a violation of human rights. Such an event has been occurred recently at Thakurgaon, is the northern part of Bangladesh.
Dear reader, I consider the details of this event for justification and observations. On 10 January, 2011 Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) executive director Sahanur Islam (alias Saikot) has filed a complaint with Thakurgaon Sadar police station. He wrote, “on January 9 in a time of 1.30am in the event of human rights violation, I went to the home of so called victims Jalil and Yunus at the village of Bania Jhargaon of Thakurgaon with my two assistants Sohel Rana and Ujjal Hossen. A terrorists group has attacked on us by the help of that victim Jalil and Yunus. They were taken our laptop, camera, id, video, pen-drive, money and mobile phones from us. When we tried to resists them then they threatened us to kill.”
This issue has come to my notice in May, 2011. When, I was just finishing my Austrian part after Germany. I was noticed with this event by Jenny Lundström, Human Rights Officer of “Global Human Rights Defense” (GHRD). She sent me a Bengali text for translating to English. Though, I am not good in English. In spite of, I like to try to do it as my ability. I personally have indebted to Jenny. Friendly, humanistic Jenny is working to develop the human rights in Asia, especially she works hardly for Bangladesh.
I indebted and grateful to the Amnesty International, International Pen, Asian Human Rights Commission, Reporters Without Borders (RSF), Pen-Norway, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Hamburg Foundation, International Haus Der Autoren- Graz, Austria, International Cities of refugees Network (ICORN), International Organization for Migration (IOM), Doha Center, Freedom House, GHRD, Bangladesh Rehabilitation Center for Trauma Victims, Christian Development Alternative, Rajshahi Press Club, Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (Sobhan-Jalil), E-Bangladesh etc. I also particularly grateful to the German journalist and human right defender Bernhard Hertlein (Amnesty International, German Section), German author and human right activist Myriam Alexowitz, Chairman of the Writers in Prison Committee, International Pen Marian Botsford Fraser, Helge Lunde, Executive director of ICORN, Elisabeth Dyvik, Program director of ICORN. I would also like to give thanks to an eminent journalist-editor of Bangladesh ABM Musa, Professor AAMS Arefin Siddique (Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University), Prof. Hasan Azizul Huq (an eminent literature hero), Prof. Anwar Hossain of Dhaka University, Prof. Malay Bhowmic (Management), Abdullah-Al Mamun (Mass Communication and Journalism) of Rajshahi University Prof. Rahnuma Ahmed & Prof. Sohel Ahmed (Jahangirnagar University), Writer Abduallah Al-Harun, Sultana Kamal of ASK (Ain O Salish Center), Rabindra Ghosh (Advocate Supreme Court of Bangladesh), Lutfar Rahman (former President of Rajshahi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association), Naymul Islam Khan (Editor of Amader Somoy), Maynul Islam Khan (Bangladesh Correspondent of Reporters Without Borders) and Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman (AHRC) those who were sympathetic towards me and support me in many ways during my dangerous time in Bangladesh. I am grateful to all of them.
However, I doubt Mr. Shahnur’s complaint after read it. It was too large event, but the media has ignored it! The founder of BIHR is a member of parliament of ruling party Bangladesh Awami League. Shahnur’s political ideology is same. My mind is involved with journalism and I have dedicated my career to be a two-decade-long journalism. No doubt about it, the search continues to monitor and investigate the truth is a professional duty of a journalist. I prayed help from my fellow journalist friends whom I known. Many of them give up their hands to me to investigate the complaint of Shahnur. I got the cell number of a concern police. Firstly, I phoned to Mr. Gopal Chakrabarty, officer in charge of Thakurgaon police station. I wanted to know about the complaint of Shahnur. He wanted to know from me that which side I phoned. I want to know the truth and the truth, I am always in favor. He told me, in this case (Mr. Shahnur complaint), there are a lot of pressure. What is stress and why, he didn’t reply. Instead, he gave me the cell number of the investigative officer of Shahnur’s complaint and advised me to talk with him. Investigative officer, Kamal Mohan Chaki said, the matter is under investigation. This is not something to be said! So my doubt on the contents of the complaint has increased. I decided to investigate the matter. Some journalist friends of mine of Panchagarh and Thakurgaon (northern part of Bangladesh) respond to investigate it, after my request. A three member investigative team was formed by two local famous journalists of Thakurgaon district, including a lawyer.
Committee members have tried to discover the actual event or truth from the spot. Committee report sent to me that I want to share with you exactly. “The people of Jhargaon/Bania village of Thakurgaon Sadar Upazila are not aware till today with any event of human rights violation. They do not know of any incidents of human rights violation. According to the different class-profession of local people, there is a group of fake dollar businessmen are active. The counterfeit dollar businessmen are making deception with different people. Many people come here from different part of the country to purchase the US Dollar. They can purchase it comparatively much less as the market value. There are many valuable tools, including money to plunder are common. In the event of such a document contains found from the police file in last two/three years. A village doctor, Bishanath Roy (30) told the investigation team, ‘If any human rights violation event would occur around the village then it should be known to me. I discussed with the people about many things even their family problems during my out of professional time. If such a sensitive issue in the region has been occurred of course it could be known.’ He said, but someone was cheated by a group of sharper at 500/700 meters away from the market to come for purchasing the US dollar. Piar Ali (21), son of Kabirul told, some person had been deceived whose were come to purchasing the US dollar. In this connection, Thakurgaon Sadar police have arrested a middle aged man called Hamidul Islam who charged with cheating. Arrested Hamid said, he was not at home of the event day. Moksed, Tara Miah and many other local people have told that, they are not aware of the any human rights violation event in this area. People told that, Mr. Shahnur has accused the aged Yunus and Jalil. Both of them are now over 70 years. They don’t have the normal ability to act of walking or moving. So how they made this crime, we don’t understand. Investigator of this case, Komal Mohan said, the event is still not fully investigated. However, he acknowledged that the area is famous for fake dollar business. He also said, maybe a bad group was given false identification and information to Mr. Shahanur Islam and took him here.”
This is the activity of a human right worker or a leader of human rights in Bangladesh! Shahnur Islam is not only the chief of a human right organization, but also he is the ‘Justice Maker’ of an organization based in Switzerland. And he also recently appointed as country observer for GHRD. He himself clarified this latest designation of him at the Face book. Conscious, respectable reader, I do not want to make any comment about the above event. Do not want to. And now by you to monitor the actual content and the truth, might be what? I can just say that, this so-called justice maker is an expert to say false!
Before coming to Germany forced to leave the motherland, I had experienced with his treachery. I think we need to focus on this issue. I was unlawfully arrested in 2007. When, I was doing journalism, as well as performing as regional coordinator for Bangladesh Rehabilitation Center for Trauma Victims (BRCT). Mr. Shahnur Islam has circulated to the international community that, his organizations BRCT and BIHR mitt-up the legal fees of the cases which has been filed against me by the paramilitary force RAB and the political opportunist group. But it was totally false story. Truth is absolutely the opposite. They never gave me any legal assistance. The series political motivated cases against me were going on at Rajshahi. I gave all types of documents to the hand of Mr. Rubel, to fight legally against the cases in the Supreme Court. Mr. Rubel is also a leader of BRCT and a lawyer of that court. But he was retained my court papers and delayed for long time. He was delaying by and saying that, we will file today, tomorrow…etc! Finally, he didn’t file it. My fearing and anxiousness was increasing. In that situation, suddenly I met with Advocate Sushanta of Rajshahi. He told me about a lawyer who practicing in the high court of Dhaka. That lawyer’s house is at Naogaon (a district). Mr. Zahid has taken 6000 (BDT) Taka from me to file writ petition in favor of my cases. But he also showed attitude as like Mr. Rubel. After two weeks he returned 3000 taka. Then, I went to a women lawyer who is also famous as human right activist. She didn’t help me, finally. She also disappointed me. Though, she is deliberating her speech on human rights issues in Europe-America. This is the lawyers of Bangladesh! There are many sympathetic lawyers like Mohammad Hossain and Syed Mamun Mahbub. But this can’t be an example. They are the exception.
Whole over the country, various misdemeanors were running by the BNP-Jammat cadres. After the election of 2001 it was increasing. Rape, killing, minority and indigenous persecution are added with their list of misdemeanor. Being a professional journalist, I had tried to disclose the truth in front of the people. Mr. Akram Hossen Chowdhury, founder of BRCT/BIHR was fascinated by my reporting. Now he is a member of parliament. In 2002, he proposed me to work with BRCT. He promised to me that, 5,000 (BDT) taka per month will be given as remuneration and a place for residence. I took his offer. I was bachelor at that time. I had to take responsibility for regional coordinator of BRCT. According to this condition, a contract paper had been made where I and on behave of BRCT, Dr. Khalilur Rahman (Chairman of BRCT) was signed. Still it is in my hand.
BRCT has been working against state torture. I always find a similarity between journalism and human rights. So I had tried to work exactly on my duty. During that time, most painful event of my life was occurred. The government was arrested, tortured and detained me for 28 days. I was freed from the prison by the efforts of national and international human rights and journalist’s organization. And of course, I was innocent with the charges. All cases against me was fabricated and politically motivated. But I was not being released from the conspiracy and harassment.
So, I ran away from Rajshahi to the capital city Dhaka. I admitted to the hospital run by BRCT there. Just after admitting there BRCT has given me a reception as I am a persecuted journalist and human right defender. Many human rights defenders from various countries of the world including Denmark were present there. Justice K M Sobhan, Prof. Taslima of Dhaka University, BRCT chief Akram Chowdhury and his wife Mahfuza Akram Chowdhury also were present in the reception meeting.
BRCT and BIHR mainly are like hat or tail of a coin. Akram Chowdhury is the founder of both of the organizations. “Human rights fact-finder” is the monthly publication of BRCT. “If you would be able to help then this publication could be republished” said Akram Chowdhury. He proposed me to take the responsibility as an executive editor of it. Its publication was stopped for long time. But why, I didn’t know. According to his proposal/offer, he gave me a place to sleep and arranged the daily food for me with other officials of BRCT. He also promised to give me 15000 taka (BDT.) as salary or remuneration for each issue of human right fact finder. However, this proposal and the pledge were not written in any form. I will work day and night running for the wheel on the monthly publication. To make a report, feature, editing, writing even to see the proof everything alone I did. I was also writing the editorial. I was needed my family (wife and children). I was published five issues of the monthly publication human right fact finder. BRCT gave me 21,100 taka (BDT) in different times. Still, 53,300 taka is due from BRCT. However, I don’t claim or demand the due money. It is only a big pain inside of my heart. Being a chief of a human right organization how could be possible to make a false allegation against a persecuted journalist! How they could insult or dishonored me?
The political motivated and false cases against me were going on in the court of Rajshahi which was filed by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and the Mayor of Rajshahi, AHM Khairuzzaman Liton. Meanwhile, the Chairman of BRCT, Dr. Khalilur Rahman has filed another false complaint against me in the CMM court of Rajshahi. The complaint told, “I didn’t paying the rent (for residence in Rajshahi) from few years, on the other side I didn’t vacant the room”. But, Dr. Khalil had never told me to vacant the room. It is good to say that, Dr. Khalil is the uncle of Akram’s wife. I had take life risk to work for BRCT. But the Chairman of that organization made a false allegation against me and to file a complaint in the court. It was laughter! However, I supplied the contract paper to the court which signed by me and Dr. Khalil. Then, the event was clear with the court that how big false allegation was made by Dr. Khalil against me! Finally, my wife and son have left the room. This is the attitude of the leaders of human rights in Bangladesh!
My pain is only for that how they could insult me? The end is not here. My important documents have been stolen from the secured BRCT office. Among the most important of which is “Militancy and terrorism” on the text of the original Manuscript of my book. Not only that but also a Mobil set of mine has lost from the same place. It was not a normal event. It was well motivated. I informed about this stealing to Mr. Akram, his wife Mahfuza Akram and Mr. Shahnur Islam as well as to other officials of BRCT/BIHR. Who did it and why was clear to all of them. But nothing has done against the dacoit who is closed with Mahfuza Akram. Though result was opposite after giving a complaint against him. Suspicious stealer was given me threatened to death. So life is big or documents? It was very normal to defeat by documents as life is dearest.

Still, I didn’t get my documents. That it was not only lost my documents but also an expensive Mobil set of a foreign guest has been lost from BRCT office. Later it was found that I didn’t hear.
The false, fabricated political motivated cases were running in the court of Rajshahi against me which was filed by the combined initiative of RAB, Mayor Liton and DGFI. Meanwhile, chairman of BRCT has filed another motivated complaint against me. Dr. Khalil is a father in law of Mr. Akram. BRCT Chairman Khalil is the uncle of Mahfuza Akram. I sent the contract document to the court which made by both of us (me and Dr. Khalil). Then, it was clear to the court that the complaint is totally false against me. After that, my wife and child son were vacant the room. These are the act of the human rights leaders of Bangladesh!
The abnormal-unexpected two years of emergency situations was end through the election of 29 December of 2008. Grand Alliance, led by the Awami League in January of 2009 has taken the power of the state. An elected government is in power. The human right leader, brother Akram (Akram Chowdhury), is one of the Member of Parliament. Hope is blowing up in my mind. Maybe the black cloud would be cut! This hope is increasing. But not, the black shadow of conspiracy was covering to me and my family. Are Mayor Liton, Akram Chowdhury and RAB mixed up together with same cotton? This is Bangladesh!
BRCT has got comprehensive publicity in various news media, after I joined with BRCT. I managed to setup the treatment clinic and meeting for torture victims on behave of BRCT. I was also organized the treatment clinic of the victims of Kansat. On 26 June of 2006, a meeting of torture victim was held at Engineers Institution Auditorium, Dhaka. Former opposition leader and current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was present there as chief guest. I was also organized the torture victims and brought to Dhaka from the different part of Rajshahi region. I worked day-night to organize it by riding on motorbike at the inaccessible Atrai, Raninagar, Bagmara, Naldanga area. I left my wife and child alone. In spite of I was going to door to door of the torture victim. From BRCT, in exchange I got a false calumny and ignominy of the darkness. But I do not have any anger or sorrow. Yet I am grateful to them! I had got shelter, medical care from them after come out of darkness of prison. Whether or not, it is their responsibility-duty of fund or project. Many more bodies were there! Whether which cause or how and what purpose they were standup besides me! I can not deny it. When had to be stopped the trouble upon from the stressed journalist and human rights defenders then cumulus cloud cover was closed there was only gloom and the light of my hope.
Another human right organization called “Odhiker”. This organization is the supporter of right political wing. It was my idea; they work for human rights as universally. Is any particular person or political opinion may be based on the human rights movement? I never imagined it. But my mistake has broken on the basis of the activity of ‘Odhiker’. I went to the Odhiker office in Dhaka with my friend William. We talked with Mr. Elan and Mr. Korban of Odhiker. Our request was, “please investigate the allegation against me and publish the finding report”. They told me that I must apply for it to Odhiker. I did it. After then, two and a half year is going on. They still did not accept my application to any enterprise. I was contacted to them by phone, when I was in Bangladesh. From the office of Odhiker informed me that my matter is under trial. So they can’t do anything. Though, later Odhiker had start crucial fight in favor of an acting editor of the daily newspaper “Amardesh”. It was also the judicial matter, in the same way. However the reason is not other, but it is for political reason? Amardesh acting editor Mahmudur Rahman has the same political ideology same as like as Odhiker’s ideology. As a result, they published several reports on the issue of Mahmudur Rahman! Though, the matter was under trial.
I have another inhuman experienced on the field of human rights. It is very unfortunate. A lawyer of the High Court of Bangladesh is receiving monthly remuneration from a foreign organization. He also takes money from the victim in the name of transport costs, when he visits the spot. The same complaint can be found against another human right activist who is now living in exile in an Asian country. A women human right leader based on Dhaka who receiving regular foreign fund from an organization of Germany. Her activity is centered to collect the newspaper clipping of human rights violations and to publish a bulletin. Nothing has done more by her.
A newsmen from Rajshahi, who made conspiracy against me with the collaboration of Mayor, RAB, DGFI and a cultural activist based on Rajshahi. Now he is working in an oldest Bengali newspaper in Dhaka as a staff reporter. His wife is a member of a women organization. This husband and wife were involved with the immoral activity. They collected bribe from the victim of rape and rapists with the help of a forensic medical doctor of Rajshahi medical college. They (distorted mentality) have done this inhuman-illegal business by the medical reports of incidents of rape scandal. Behind the protection of human rights, hundreds-thousands story like above are in Bangladesh.
On 19 January of 2003, a news story was published in the daily Sangbad which was wrote by me. The headline of the report was “Extortioning in the name of journalism”. Misfortune is that when this report was published by whose hand as the news editor now he is an acting editor. Now he has given an appointment to that extortionist journalist. That controversial person was tried to influence other journalists and social activists against me. But he failed. Finally, the truth had been won. The report was not false. Senior journalist Shah Anisur Rahman (late), General Secretary of the Rajshahi Press Club, Saidur Rahman and central leader of Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB), Anamul Haque were as eye witnesses. That extortionist so-called journalist and his friend so-called cultural personality named “P” who is the informer of RAB and DGFI. Both of them were also provided false information to the RAB and DGFI against me during the emergency period in Bangladesh. Same complaint has been sent to the United Nations by the government of Bangladesh against me. Though, I have given an open challenge to the Bangladesh government. But they couldn’t show their moral honest courage to accept it. When the conspiracy was making against me in 2003 after published the extortion news then Bazlur Rahman was the editor of the daily Sangbad. I called him as “Bazlu Bhai” (Brother). He is no more with us. My hope and believe that his soul is sleeping in peace. He was himself an institution of the journalism and secular movement of Bangladesh. Not only was that he also an extraordinary intellectual personality of the field of economics and politics. When the conspiracy was making against me regarding that report on extortion, one day I went to Dhaka at the Sangbad office. I met with Bazlu bhai. He told me, “You are fighting against the enemy of the people. It is not a simple matter in our society. Don’t be worry. Finally you would be won.” And later his word was also established as true.
However, need to talk about another matter. That is jealous is very common in the mind of the so-called educated people of Asia. Especially, jealous is more active in Bangladesh. This jealous is work both personal and political interest. As a result, one person doesn’t want the betterment of another person. When someone is going forward then opportunist group try to stop him by making conspiracy. A Bangalee/Bangladeshi journalist has applied for political asylum in a Scandinavian country. He wanted an article from me on my persecution history. I sent him it after many struggle. For a long time he was not informed me about my write-up. Then I was communicated with him. He replied me that it hasn’t published. Why, he didn’t notice me the cause. Though, I understood the cause of behind. He is a good friend of the son of the present Prime Minister of Bangladesh. I disclosed in my article about the nomination business of a powerful political party of Bangladesh and also the name of the perpetrators on my horrible persecution. His political fascination is with this party. That is why; my article has not been printed. That person also worked with a reputable human rights organization based in New York from Bangladesh. Another person was worked with a reputable human rights organization in Bangladesh for long time. When he was in troubled hadn’t got any help from that organization. Now he is in Europe is living in political asylum. This is the situation of our media and human rights field!
The executive chief of a NGO based on Rajshahi is also the public relations officer of an autonomous institution. That organization is getting millions fund from USA-EU. Now they are arranging training on human rights issues by the foreign fund. But, when a media man is under threats then they turned their eyes from the situation. The whole country is lay down by the weight of these type of organizations which are always involve with their own, family, group and political purposes. The Millions fund are going into the water in the name of human rights or free media or to reduce the poverty by making microcredit business in Bangladesh. The people who are entitled to get the service are deprived. But the country’s starving the poor man’s fortune does not change. The only change in the status of the organizations big personalities like director or executive director. They are making a big luxurious home, cars, salaries and other facilities for their own or for family by the foreign funds. Just like as “Zero to Hero”. The directors are visiting the foreign countries.
If only 60 percent of foreign funds would be used properly then we could be able to see the real changes of our country. Truly, the country could cover with Golden or by Diamond! Poverty could be flown from Bangladesh. Though, our Nobelist Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yunus told that one day the poverty would see at the Museum. The reality is that the microcredit business couldn’t reduce poverty but it could be able to confine our poorest women by the net of more microcredit. Yes, we feel proud that for Dr. Yunus. Because he has got the Nobel Prize! But how the microcredit is functioning in Bangladesh, should be a big issue or matter to observe by the non interest eyes. It is better to say here that Dr. Yunus is receiving unthinkable high interest from our poorest women those who have no education.
I would like to write something about another matter. It is about the responsibility of the leaders of journalists. If my memory does not betray me, then it is likely that in the month of June of 2008. I have been victimized with a series of politically motivated cases. I was a leader of the journalist community from the northern part of Bangladesh, Rajshahi. The apex body of journalists is Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ). I also was an executive member of this body as the Secretary General of Rajshahi Union of Journalists (RUJ). BFUJ has made a decision to demand for withdraw the cases against me to the Government in a general meeting held at the National Press Club in Dhaka. The prominent journalist Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury, President of BFUJ, former President of BFUJ and renowned journalist Monjurul Ahsan Bulbul, Secretary General of BFUJ Abdul Jalil Bhuiyan and many other journalists leaders were also present that meeting. But, dear Jalil Bhuiyan didn’t serve the joint statement and decision of BFUJ. Again I have my doubts about his attitude. Still think, perhaps there was an understanding between RAB, Mayor Liton and my dear courageous journalist leader Jalil. Otherwise, why would he silence? There are many positive instance of my life. Another journalist’s outgoing Secretary General of BFUJ, Altaf Mahmud is one of the most popular of the journalist’s leaders in Bangladesh. He is known as a true friend of the journalists. He has never taken any opportunity from the Government. I also try to contact with him from abroad. However, I acknowledge that I am grateful to Iqbal Sobhan, Monjurul Ahsan Bulbul, Altaf Mahmud. I believe the truth is never dangerous. But, the truth to be hold is rear, very difficult to keep and bear the truth. I think, do not have this ability for all. However, if it would have then selfishness, war, conflict, jealous nothing would be more in this world. Nevertheless, I’ll say that we should be practice the truth in all aspects in our lives. We swear this is what our community strong and Promises. Whether or not true is become a cruel or painful. There are also many people who makes story only for to come to Europe or America. After came to the developed countries they are making false and fake documents and applied for political asylum. Students are among them many. Sometimes we hear this type of complaint. It is unfortunate and we can’t ignore it. Another NGO from Rajshahi had been published their human rights report after my persecution. But there was no room of my horrible oppression by RAB. A fundamentalist minded journalist who was working for a TV channel during the regime of Bangla Bhai (an islamic militant leader) is now working in an international media of Germany.
Recently, I talked over phone with a friend of mine who is working in Dhaka. Before the conclusion this article I would like to share to all of you of our conversation. He told, “You (I) are a not supporter of the political ideology of ‘Odhiker’. So, they did nothing for you. And it is normal!” That friend of mine further said, “Presently, a journalist is working with a government-owned powerful media in Germany who worked in favor of the Islamic militancy from Bangladesh. On the other side, you made/did historical report against militancy by taking life-risk for the same media from northern part of Bangladesh. Nevertheless, they didn’t give you any job. This is the media policy of globalization age.” ‘I just said in response to him that I don’t have any sorrow. I never did journalism for getting something. Of course, I did my journalism for the purpose of personal, social and professional responsibility. I know that I am a defeated soldier of the media policy and politics of globalization.
We can see the fund and project based many human rights works in today’s unbalanced world. The combined financial efforts of these two components are coming from the humanistic general people. Many questions including accountability, transparency and democratic practice are comes to organized these initiative for the welfare of the persecuted, stressed and starving people inside of the enterprise. In which exception we observed many ways. Moreover, many organizations are working with good motive to establish the peace and human rights from country to country. It is also true. Otherwise, small news-maker like me would be killed at the hands of injustice. Many thousands lives of Akash have saved by the efforts of non governments organizations. Hope of the people’s (survivors) are alive only for that. I don’t know, what there is to establish the peace and human rights
The practice and establishing of peace and human rights except love, benevolence, tolerance is what we know there is no option to increase the range. Is possible to establish the peace and human rights by promoting discrimination, falsehood, and discriminatory behavior, use of arms, political and economic selfishness, or poverty in the society, nation and world? It is a big question.
I forgot that today (11 July) is an important and special day. The day is the world population day. I want to make my conclusion to encircle upon this day. I think that the food crisis and population abundance of these two important issues are involved with human rights violation. The population and consumption of food and energy are continuously increasing in this world. On the other hand, energy, land and production are reducing. So global economy is under pressure as well as love, harmony, tolerance, believe are breaking day by day. The practice of “Might is right” theory is increasing. World Population Day is celebrated the world since 1987. The world population is now about 7000 Millions. The population is increasing like the wave of river. Bangladesh is one of the highest populate country in the world and its population growth is so high.
Though, the population and dwelling-factory are increasing but the land is reducing in this world. Not only that but also the land is being gradually reduced of the earth. More than hundred 1000 Millions people are hungry across the world today. The world of food, lack of resources to make sure that there is no cost to me. However, the balanced distribution of food and resources are not in the earth. It is clear. Some people are getting food and some people are getting to die without food in the same world. Some of the rich countries of the world are not headache to protecting the environment and keep up food security for all, as they are willing to fight, war, conflict, aggression, bombing and of conspiring to attack! Therefore, for the protection of human rights to increase food security and protect the environment from climate change and to reduce population abundance whether any alternative, so I do not know? However, the experts are only being able to say of it.
In this question, my favorite motherland Bangladesh is what and how active or prepared. Where there is regular lifting the rights of people by the state, where there is a nasty appearance of the civil society there is any expected to continue with the cleaning of the society is only neurosis, nothing else! In spite of, we are optimists. Are people could be able to live without any hope?

Jahangir Alam Akash ॥ Norway is around by hill, mountain and sea. A dark paint has been drawn by the 22 July on the beautiful chest of Norway. A wave of blood has flowing on the chest of the capital and nice island Utøya on that day of this year. 92 people have been killed by bombing and firearmes.
That attack was upon the generation, peace and democracy. All of the killed young people were meritorious and politically conscious who have killed at Utøya. The future Prime Minister of Norway was among the victims may have. For ever this black day (22 July) will be returned every year of the life of every Norwegian. But the killed young’s would not returned never-ever. Norway have lost them. I don’t know how the mothers of the killed friends would be bear this pain! My believe, the soul of the young patriot friends who secrifised their lives would get peace.
This is the first big pain in the chest of most peaceful country of the world Norway after the Second World War. The peace friend people of Norway is like a stone with great shoked. Normally, the Norwegian police doesn’t use arms while they are in duty. In this envoirnment being a Norwegian can take of many lives by using weapon. It was not imaginable for the administration or for the people of Norway. Norway is a lovely country of peace, democracy, human rights and harmony. This attacked was not by any Islamic militant group? A 32 year-old youth who himself an Christian, is the against of multi-culture theory in Europe. Maybe it’s a signal to the ruling establishment by the extremists thinkers those who are dislikes the multiculturalism in Europe!
This extremist thinker has created pains on the minds of Norwegian. But why? Cruelty, crimes against humanity must never be able to establish any doctrine. The extremism cannot be tolarrense in any aspect. Whatever it’s come from Christian or Islam? There is no education of extremism from any religion of the Earth.
However, Norwegian people are shoked, today. Whole heart of the people of Norway have giving hate to the murderer. The weaves of the people are floating on the streets of Norway, by ignoring the bad weather. But no one does not feel any animity, revenge or a desire to get any revenge. The people are making unity more and more. They are distributing love by giving the roses. There is no bad discussion regarding killer Anders Behring Breivik in Norway. The election champaign is going on in Norway in a different mood in this year. There is also no party those who are making any political game on this event. What a great lesson or culture or education! What a great lesson or culture or education! But if it would be happened in Bangladesh then we could be seen different picture.
I can’t sleep well after this bad event of Oslo and Utøya. My heart has been broken and got a deep shoked. Evil, bad power will surely be destroy by the light of candle, flowers and unity of people. Solidarity of the people, love and humanity must be won. Norway will again get return the energy of light of peace to radiation. “Peace, Love, Tolerense” are could be able to make/build a new world where would have no discrimination, war, poverty and other evil activity. It is our dream and which has Norway been showing to the World since after the second world war. We hope and believe that finally peace and humanity would be won!Picture from Internet Google. Writer:- Editor of Euro Bangla, is an online newspaper on peace and human rights. (http://www.eurobangla.org/),(http://penakash.wordpress.com/) (editor.eurobangla@yahoo.de)

By Jahangir Alam Akash: The overall situation of Bangladesh is like “Justice has been confined by Injust”. Bangladesh Awami League led Grand alliance government wants to continue with “Bismillah” and “state religion as “Islam” in the Constitution. So, broadly there is no different between Awami League and BNP-Jammat regarding communalism. Most of the political parties excluding some leftists party, are using religion in the politics. Though it is very true that state is for all, but religion is an individual matter.

Here I would like to mention a historical truth. That is, Bangladesh has been a secular state since the independence (1971) from Pakistan which was founded by Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Unfortunately, the islamism has been raising in recent Bangladesh. Present government has declared a policy on women. Though policy is not law. In spite of, non secular and religion based political parties led by Mufti Fazlul Haque Aminee are trying to make violance in the country. The people knows that they are always against the freedom of women and empowerment of women.

On the other hand a relative of Prime Minister’s APS Saifuzzaman Shekhor has been grabed a dwelling house of a minority in Magura. After this incident Krishnapod Sarker went to the local police station to make complain against grabing. But the officer in charge of that police station has tortured him and confined him for 24 hours. The victim is an aged person. A freedom Fighter Nirapod Boiragi has been killed by Rapid Action Battalion during this government. Indigenous leader Kalpona Chakma has still missing. She was kidnapped by Army 14 years ago. Two mothers of Sushanto and Sufal are waiting for their loving sons deadbodies who were inhumanly killed by the Islamist terrorists in 2004. An eminent scientist and Professor Emirats Dr. Arun Basak has been harassed by the influentials with the help of local Mayor in Rajshahi.

General Zia and his predecessors introduced persecution against the minorities in Bangladesh. Bangladesh became Islamized under the military regime, rather than being a true parliamentary democracy. Bangladesh was not born with the blessing of being united beyond ethnic and religious differences, but rather has been Islamized, yet with a secular policy.

Why is the repression of minorities and indigenous peoples still going on in Bangladesh? Bangladesh’s Awami League is now in power. They have always gotten the minority and indigenous votes, with some exceptions. And it has been 40 years since Bangladesh became independent. Enemy or vested property is a black law and it’s a gross tool for minority repression. Our demand is that, this black law should be abolished immediately and the ceased property should be returned to real owners or their relatives.

Religious minority oppression is a common phenomenon in Bangladesh. Every day, minority oppression is growing at an alarming rate. Yet our government is not doing its duty to safeguard the minority groups. Why aren’t they doing something to stop minority torture? We don’t know. But we have been seeing that most of the perpetrators are linked with the ruling party. People think that the present government may be turning a blind eye at minority issues. We want to say clearly that the people do not want to see the issue ignored, but rather, that they want to see peace and happiness.

In Bangladesh, the brutal persecution of the Hindu, Christian religious minority and indigenous ethnic minorities is going ahead with full steam. Until now, the persecution that both communities faced never saw the light of justice. A culture of the denial of justice in Bangladesh is the root of all the persecution against the ethnic and religious minorities, which isn’t only affecting a part of the country, but is plaguing the entire criminal justice system in Bangladesh.

Torture of minorities continues as we talk. When will it come to an end, and why doesn’t the government take action against the perpetrators of minority torture? In Bangladesh, every day, there have been cases of murder, attempted murder, torture, and other forms of inhumanity. Is Bangladesh a democratic and civilized country? How can we say that it’s a civilized and democratic country?

In Bangladesh, crimes against humanity have become widespread, especially against minorities. Almost every day, minority people leave for the neighbor country, India. Minority women are constantly afraid for their security. Peace, good governance, rule of law, and democracy are nonexistent in Bangladesh. Perpetrators get impunity from the state. As a result, there is a constant increase in all kinds of criminal activities in our dear Bangladesh. At the same time, sectarianism has increased rapidly. And our religious minorities are suffering.

Majority Muslims are occupying the minorities’ lands, torturing them, and raping their women. It is a common practice. Everything has been happening in front of the eyes of the government. The present ruling party is always telling us that they are nonsectarian. Yet, they are failing to stop minority oppression, and the torture of minorities is still happening in Bangladesh.

We see from the media that ruling party members are taking away land that belongs to minorities. The people of Bangladesh have not forgotten the oppression of minorities that took place after the general election of 2001. It is true that our minority peoples faced grievous trouble under the BNP/Jamaat-E-Islam alliance government that ruled from 2001 to 2006. During that regime, BNP/Jamaat party members were committing murder, rape, and vandalism against minorities.
Bangladesh was born as a nation after nine months of fighting for freedom. With independence, four main components were established for the nation, namely, democracy, nationalism, secularism, and socialism. With an almost good constitution, Bangladesh was beginning to make progress forward. However, the constitution did not recognize our indigenous communities. Even today, indigenous peoples are not recognized by the constitution. The present government has the support of the majority in Bangladesh; if they wanted to reestablish 1972 constitution as it is, it would be no problem for them. But the government has been in power for over two years, and they still haven’t taken any steps in that direction. Though, the High Court has been declared illegall 5th and 7th amendment of the constitution. Now the government wants to reestabilish 1972 Constitution but not excluding the Bismillah from the Constitution and not exclude the state religion Islam.

Under the force of Islamization, the preamble of Bangladesh’s constitution has been amended to include the words “…pledging that the high ideals of absolute trust and faith in the Almighty Allah…”, and, in the process, the word “secularism” has been dropped. The constitution, in fact, begins with the words “Bismillah-ar-rahman-ar-rahim”, which means “In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,” which words come from Islam. In Bangladesh, the completion of Islamization is happening everywhere.

In this situation, we demand that the unconstitutional provision concerning a state religion in the Constitution of Bangladesh be repealed. All activities of discrimination, disparity, arrests, torture, detention, and oppression against religious minorities, as well as all people in general, shall have to be stopped. We don’t want a religious state; we want a secular and democratic state, based on Bengali nationalism in the light of the four fundamental principles of the state that motivated the Bangladesh Liberation War and that constituted the dream of the father of the nation, Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Jammat-E-Islam is a communal party in Bangladesh, which was involved with war criminalities. BNP also has been upholding their non-secular attitude, which has introduced ‘Bismillah’ to our secular constitution. BNP-Jammat torture and kill our minority, it’s a natural, because they are fundamentalists. Though, this government is well known as a minority friendly government, but instead, minority repression is going on unabated. It’s very unfortunate to secular peoples.

The Local Influential boycotted & cut the hair of a Hindu-Dalit woman raped victim, because Muslim perpetrator raped her. Ms. Sabita Rani 25 a raped victim, wanted justice against the rapist, Jewel Kha, and as a result the powerful social leaders cut her hair and boycotted her and her family members. The leaders also threatened her mother and younger brother for dire consequence if she continues to stay at the village Nilam Kharida Sadar Taluk within Kaonia Upazila of Rangpur district in Bangladesh. A college girl Koli Goswami (21) was kidnapped and forceful converted to Islam in Ghosai Chandura, Upazila – Nandail district-Mymensingh on 13th June 2009.

According to the oldest Bengali newspaper the daily Sangbad, Properties belonging to minorities in the Sherpur District were occupied by force by a Juba League leader, while shops were demolished and women injured. A group of hoodlums under the leadership of Hafizur Rahman Hafiz and his elder brother, Azizur Rahman Aziz, the cultural secretary of the Juba League occupied by force 283 square meters of land belonging to a Hindu owner, Surjya Kanta Debnath. In connection with this, allegations were made by the victim’s family that two shops were demolished and that their daughter, Ms. Lipi Debnath, was physically assaulted. Twenty minority families from the Sonagazi-Feni district are on the run because of the continuous kidnapping of women and children and the forceful collection of money. More than 20 minority families located in the villages of Kazir Hat and Keramatia, in the Sonagazi Sub district of Feni, fled due to continuous threats and atrocities perpetrated by local Muslims. They left their homes from fear of life. In another report, daily Star wrote: ‘”Rajshahi board boss faces mayor’s fury.” The Mayor of Rajshahi Khairuzzaman Liton. An influential Muslim threatened Rajshahi Board Chairman Dr. Prodeep, a Hindu, because mayor’s daughter was not able to good grade in the school final examination.

We want justice for all kinds of killings, torture, and human rights violations. Under the present government, numerous incidents of minority torture have taken place, including the sensational kidnapping of nine minorities (including women and children) in the Sutrapur area of Dhaka. A gang of criminals attacked three Hindu families in the Dighalkandi Sahapara village of the Puthia Upazila of Rajshahi on the night of Aug. 31, 2009, injuring 12 people. The attackers belong with BNP-Jammat. A Hindu woman Radha Rani Halder (28) in Shoriotpur was gang raped recently. And three minority peoples were killed during this regime.

The patriotic journalist Manik Saha was killed by a bomb attack in 2004. Another honest journalist, Diponker Chakraborty from Bogura, was killed by terrorists. From Faridpur, the promising journalist Goutam Das was killed. Principal Gopal Krishna Muhury was killed. All Bengali people know about the young minority girl named Purnima who was gang raped in Sirajgonj. And these were all preplanned incidents. No investigations have taken place and justice had never been served against killing of indigenous community leaders, including Alfred Soren and Choles Ritchil.

We know Bangladesh has no actual democracy, rule of law or education. Most of the people are living in very poor conditions. The obvious problem is that, constitutionally, Islam is the only religion of Bangladesh. But in Bangladesh, there live Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists. We have had a secular constitution since our country’s independence. After the killings of Bongobondhu, two generals ruled Bangladesh and made it a monolithic Islamic country.

We hope that the present government will take immediate action against minority and indigenous persecution. And our demand is that all the perpetrators should be brought under justice. Now there is a democratic government. So, what is the problem in stopping minority torture and extrajudicial killings? Let us be united and fight and pressure the present government to stop minority repression and state torture.

We want the legitimate demands of the aboriginal and tribal communities to be fulfilled, including the preservation of their distinct cultures and heritage, and the implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Treaty. Clash and human rights violation are going on in CHT. It should be stopped with justice. We want the return of vested property, with a provision of inheritance, to be implemented. We want the government to resist sectarianism, fundamentalism, and fanaticism and to put a stop to all kinds of religious discrimination, deprivation, atrocities, persecution, and harassment.

The attack on the religious minority brings with it the idea of “Islam in the constitution”. The communal spirit began with political motives and ended in mass destruction such as the attack on present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina back in 2001. The victims of the brutal attack are still looking for justice. At that time also, a bomb attack killed 10 and badly injured 20 others at the Baniarhar Catholic church in Maksudpur, in the Gopalganj district.

In 1998, an indigenous leader, Alfred Soren, was brutally killed by those in power. The day of the attack, the perpetrators looted his house, destroyed his belongings, and set the house on fire. Until now, his family members and the public have never seen the light of justice. Cholesh Richil, an indigenous Christian leader, died in custody on March 18, 2007, following brutal torture at the hands of the army. Richil’s civil rights were grossly violated by government agents. It is puzzling why the government has not yet made a proper investigation to unearth the mystery behind this leader’s death. The perpetrators of this crime should not have impunity. The killing of Richil has not been filed as a criminal case to date.

From 1979 to 1981, the indigenous people of Bangladesh became cornered by landless people from the mainland in the process of their rehabilitation by the government. An ill-fated ten-year-old indigenous child, Klanto Chiham, was killed by brutal teachers after being tortured at Maymansingh. A dacoit, or robber, killed a Christian school teacher, Mangsang, at Madhupur in Tangail. A member of an even smaller minority, Dr. Goni Gomes, a converted Christian from Islam, was killed by Islamic militants.

According to the GHRD, On 17 February 2011, Bengali settlers from the Gulshakhali settler area, Longadu Upazila, Rangamati district in the Chittagong Hill Tracts attacked and set fire to the Jumma villages of Gulshakhali and Rangi Para areas. Around 23 Jumma homes were burnt to ashes. The event occurred shortly after the death of a Bengali settler who went to collect firewood in the forest and did not return. Later his body was found in Rangipara. The Bengali settlers then carried his dead body during the demonstrations, accusing the Jumma of being responsible for his death. They mounted an arson attack burning around 23 Jumma houses and one school to ashes and injuring two Jumma students.

Sources said, Shila Mollik is a NGO worker from Madaripur. In October, 2010 she went to the Madaripur police station to file a case of police negligence regarding the attempted murder of her husband. The then superintendent of police attempted to persuade her to remove her case through means of torture, hitting her with a cane and dragging her by her hair.

In February, 2010 Serafina Mardi, a 14 year old minority girl committed suicide by setting herself on fire. She later died on 17 February of severe burns. Serafina was gang raped by in April 2010. She was initially filed a complaint with the police against the rapists but it was not pursued. The rapists were influential in the local community and the accused men forced her family to agree to an out of court settlement in exchange for money. As part of the settlement, orchestrated through village arbitration, her family forced her to marry one of the rapists. On 10 February 2011, a 22 year-old Jumma woman was raped by two Bengali settlers in Naikhyongchari Upazila district in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Despite the perpetrators being identified, none have been arrested. You canread more and details information on minority and Indigenous persecution in the book “PAIN” (http://www.amazon.de/Pain-Jahangir-Alam-Akash/dp/1456858025).

We urge the enlightened citizens of Bangladesh to be united and to do something for minority rights and security. Please forget politics. As human rights defenders, we should be impartial, universal, and dedicated to human rights not for Hasina, Khaleda or Nizami.

The constitution does not give proper identity to the indigenous peoples. This is Bangladesh! We demand that these persecutions stop right now and that the government give all rights to the minority groups and bring the perpetrators to justice. Without real democracy, rule of law, and good governance, how can anyone have hope that the government will punish the real culprits and masterminds of minority torture and other human rights violations? We are waiting eagerly for the competent trial of all war criminals, for the justice to be served to the killers of the four national leaders. We also want to see the current government reestablish the constitution of 1972 as it is which was got just after independence and stop mixing politics with religion.

Prime Minister, and daughter of Bangabondhu, Sheikh Hasina, please opens your eyes to the minority community. Don’t you see what is happening? One of your APS Mr. Shekhor is using his power to grab the minority lands. He can could done it because he is an APS of the Prime Minister. You have power as the Prime Minister; why don’t you take action against the perpetrators of minority suppression? You still have time to use your power for rule of law, human rights and against all kinds of oppression. Please safeguard our minority peoples and their possessions. Bangladesh should governed in the line of secularism where would havn’t any discrimination and injust. People needs and wants corruption and injustfree justice, equality and good governance from the ruler.
Writer:Jahangir Alam Akash, Editor of Euro Bangla (http://www.eurobangla.org/), editor.eurobangla@yahoo.de